December 17, 2004

Short Attention Span Friday

Due to my wonderful blogger friend Sloth's recent announcement of her "retirement" from blogville, I am adopting her short attention span tradition in her honor. Yay! It's short attention span Friday!

Today I bring you: Tales of the Sick, Bizarre and Stupid

Squeeze Play?
This morning, on the way to work I witnessed an act of sheer stupidity. I was sitting waiting for a green light behind many cars (probably 20 or so) when this idiot in a white FIERO (yes, Fiero) comes up on the left, passing all of us in the ONCOMING LANE. There was traffic coming! Anyway, he wanted to get into the gas station that was on the corner, and he made it in time before getting squished by oncoming traffic. However, after pulling up at the pumps, the door opens and out of the Fiero comes this HUGE man - I'm talking like a 400 pounder. It was so funny. Itty bitty car, great big guy! Bwaaaahahaha!

Passive Agressive Nazi Gardeners, I Say!
Seems that the Victoria City Council hired some gardeners to arrange some potted flowers of purple and white in some garden beds downtown. The intention was to arrange them in nice, eye-catching geometric shapes. Six of these garden beds, however, were left in the shape of swastikas...during a time when the city was hosting hundreds of Jewish people to celebrate the eight-day Hanukkah festival! They are claiming that it was an accident and they didn't realize what the shapes "inadvertently" formed. Yeah, riiiiiight, whatever. Idiots.

OMG, What is THAT in the Road!?
Not too long back, I got fed up with this stupid pillow and decided to get rid of it. The fabric was printed so that it was a rainbow trout, about 5 feet long but very similar to this picture. The damn thing had been around too long and was starting to come apart...seams splitting and his tail got ripped partially off in a pillow fight. It was time for the trout to go. I asked Chris to get rid of it, and what does he do? He put the damn thing in my car! So I go out to go to work, and here's the damn fish! There is this park by the river that I cut through on the way to work to avoid a daily traffic jam, so, on a whim, I threw the fish pillow out of my car in the middle of the street. I drove away laughing, thinking of the reactions of people who will come across this giant trout laying in the middle of the road in this park! Bwaaaaahahaha! What I would have paid to see/hear their reactions!

We love the Moon!
My son informed me, last night, that the moon is his girlfriend. Uhhhh...what? I guess that's ok with me.

Well, I couldn't get so lucky as to have Pugsley's seizure be a fluke. He had another seizure yesterday when I was home for lunch, so off to the vet he went. They did a bunch of tests and everything came back normal, so they're assuming that he is epileptic. I now have a prescription for phenylbarbitol to go fill for him. Two pills a day...oh joy!

Bad Hygene Gone Too Far
Check this out... dude claims that he dumped his canoe over in a river, and lost all of his clothes (except for the ones he had on). He spent the rest of his trip in the same clothes, damp and dirty for 6 days. When he arrived home, he found this plant growing out of the lint in his belly button. WTF? A seed must have gotten in there and germinated. There are more pics over at his page. This is among the wierdest things I've seen in a while.

Have a Happy Friday and Wonderful Weekend, Peeps!

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