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December 09, 2004


My dog, Pugsley, is getting up there in age. We don't know exactly how old he is because he was a rescue dog - he was dumped because he had been hit by a car and was all scarred up. He had a broken back leg that caused the joint to be malformed and that joint won't bend, so he wasn't "perfect" anymore. The vet guessed that he was about a year old when we got him, so that would make him about 9 now.

About a year ago, Pugsley's eyes started looking a little cloudy. The vet confirmed that cataracts were forming. Perhaps he was older than we thought? Who knows? Now, the cataracts have completely clouded his eyes and he is blind. I could get surgery to fix this for him, but the cost would be in excess of $1500 - money that I do not have. Despite being blind, his quality of life is pretty good and he is very loved. We're ok with the fact that he's blind, and thought that we should have several more years with Pugsley as he is otherwise a very healthy dog.

Now, I'm really wondering. Last night, as usual, I carried Pugs down the front stairs (he won't tackle them now that he's blind) and set him down in the front yard to "do his business" before bed. He sniffs around the front yard and comes back up onto the porch when he is done. I stepped inside for a minute and when I came back out, I could hear him snorting which was not unusual. He loves to flip over on his back and roll around in the grass.

It was dark, but I could make him out a little, wiggling around in the grass. It became clear quickly, however, that something was wrong. He was on his side, kicking his legs frantically, and snorting at a very rapid rate. I went to him, and saw that he was frothing at the mouth! He looked like he was having a seizure! I scooped him up and brought him in the house and he was kicking and snorting the entire time. I laid him on the floor and grabbed a towel to wrap him in, and he continued to seize for a few more minutes. When he came out of it he was panicked, anxiously trying to get away from me. I let him walk for a minute, and he was wandering around, looking very confused and bumping into things. He would not stop moving, and he was alternating between breathing very heavy and snorting. It took me nearly 30 minutes to get him to settle down.

After he settled down, I went to bed and laid there worrying for a long time about what I should do. I settled on the idea that I would take him straight to the vet in the morning. This morning, however, when we got up he was acting perfectly normal. I don't know if I should take him to the vet or just wait to see if it happens again. This is so scary - I don't want to lose him.

Please say a prayer or send some positive energy (whatever your thing is) for Pugsley as the road ahead could be a rough one. Thanks.


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