December 07, 2004

True Confessions

I am a much happier camper today. My little psychological experiment worked! I felt depression coming on, pushing it's way into my psyche like a nasty little virus, so I just decided that I was NOT going to let it in. Instead of getting depressed, I got pissed. I stomped my feet, cursed, spit and jumped up and down and damn if felt good. After that, I felt much better and was able to go on with my day in a productive manner! Woo hoo! The power of exercising mind control on yourself...

Trashman, you may have been right, though...I did eat some crackers after my little tirade, so the carbs might have helped as well. ;)

And Now, for Something COMPLETELY Different:

A little sexy fun list for some shits and giggles. Thanks to Vader (who's surprised here?) for the list.

If you want to play:
1. Copy this whole list into your journal/blog.
2. Bold the things that are true about you.
3. Whatever you don't bold is false.


01. I've had sex in the past five minutes.
02. I enjoy oral sex.
03. I scream loudly during sex. (not often, though)
04. I love sleeping with more than two people.
05. I own at least two books about sex.
06. I've peeked into the locker room of the opposite sex.

07. I have taken money for sex.
08. I've had sex while under the influence of a controlled substance.
09. I've been in porn movies. (home ones)
10. I have been the odd person in a threesome.
11. I have published the sexual exploits of a past relationship without telling my ex.

12. I have lied to a lover about having an affair.
13. I have been told that I'm the best lover a person has ever had. (more than once)
14. I like and Respect Jenna Jameson.
15. I like slow sex.
16. I have learned a lot sexually over the past year.
17. I have a sexual fantasy about another blogger. (more than one)
18. I've been told I'm a great lover.

19. I carry a condom at all times.
20. I'm interested in trying suspension.
21. I've broken a bone while having sex.
22. I have had a wet dream that I am ashamed to reveal.
23. I have had sex in the rain.
24. I have had sex while someone else watched.

25. I would get plastic surgery if it would improve my sex life.
26. I would like to have sex right now!
27. I like to play with food.
28. I like sex that's hard and fast.
29. I always brush my teeth after sex.

30. I shave my pubic hair.
31. I have traveled out of town to have sex.
32. I have fantasized about having sex with my brother-in-law/sister-in-law.
33. I have had sex with a person from a country other than my own.

34. I dress to look sexy. (sometimes)
35. I have had sex with twins.
36. I have had sex with someone I met over the internet.
37. I have more than ten sex toys.
38. I like the way I look naked.
39. I have lied to get a person to have sex with me.
40. I change from one sex position to another in a specific order each time.
41. I saw my parents having sex.(gah!)

42. I get cable just for the soft porn.
43. I think legalized prostitution can reduce some crime.
44. I have a list of people I would like to see naked.

45. I am regularly tested for STDs.
46. I am one kinky bitch.
47. I'm always hungry after sex.
48. I enjoy phone sex.

49. I have been arrested for being naked in public.
50. I have had sloppy drunk sex with a stranger.


1. I have, either currently or in the past, gone over a year without sex.
2. I have a partially used tube of KY Jelly close to my bed. (does astro-glide count?)
3. I sometimes buy clothes specifically to turn people on.

4. I sleep with my socks on.
5. I have gotten someone drunk on purpose.
6. I set aside some time each day to surf porn online.
7. There are nude pictures of me somewhere on the Internet.
8. My family would FREAK if they read this list.
9. I can orgasm on command. (pffft...I wish!)
10. I have had sex standing up.
11. I have leather in my closet and I'm not afraid to wear it.
12. Given the opportunity, I would have sex with a porn star. (only a select few)
13. I know someone who needs a copy of "Sex for Dummies."
14. There is at least one extended family member (cousin, aunt, etc.) I would jump if we weren't related.
15. I think hose are sexy.
16. I think limited nudity should be allowed on television after 10:00 at night.

17. I like ribbed condoms.
18. I am pierced somewhere other than my ears or navel.
19. I have had sex in the shower.
20. My parents caught me having sex.
21. My child(ren) caught me masturbating. (thanks heavens the covers were pulled up!)
22. Watching other people have sex turns me on.

23. I own more than ten porn tapes/DVDs.
24. I have used a vegetable as a sex toy.
25. I enjoy reading erotic literature.
26. I can get wet/hard just by the sound of someone's voice.

27. I have used a sex swing. (but I really want to!)
28. I have employed the services of a professional sex worker.
29. I have a membership on at least one adult pay site.
30. I would give up another habit (smoking, drinking, over-eating) if it meant having more sex.
31. I would consider hiring someone to teach me about the finer points of sex.

32. Given the opportunity, I would appear in an adult magazine.
33. I think reality TV should show who's having sex with whom.
34. I get wet/hard just walking into a Victoria's Secret store.
35. I keep a "Top 5" list of famous people I would like to fuck.
36. I have participated in an orgy.
37. My current sex life is beyond boring.
38. I am actively looking for a new sex partner.
39. I do NOT think having sex always means making a long-term commitment.
40. I have at least one sex toy made of glass.
41. I think anti-pornography laws are too restrictive.
42. People would be surprised if they knew how often I think about sex.
43. I think 16 is a good age to begin having sex.

44. I have special names for my sex organs.
45. I have used sex to get what I want.
46. I think the world would be a better place if people had sex more often.
47. I think some public nudity should be legal.
48. I have at least one sex toy that is blue.
49. I think a blogger orgy would be ... interesting.
50. Just reading this list makes me horny

Hee hee...this was fun. I'm such a bad girl. *snicker snicker*

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