December 20, 2004

'Tis the Season For...

So, I met friends at IHOP for lunch today. Who's friggin' idea was that? DANGER! Carb city, man. I had a bacon, mushroom & cheese omelet and it was very good. I gave the pancakes to spankmonkey and it wasn't even painful. We had a jolly good laugh when John asked what kinds of syrup I had at my elbow...let's see...strawberry, raspberry, dingleberry... He chose dingleberry. Bwaaahahaha! Giving the pancakes away seemed a bit pointless, though, since I ate several of the Christmas yummies the neighbor brought over yesterday. Damn her! But how can you turn away a plate full of cookies, fudge, peanut butter balls and umpteen other kinds of sugar-bombs? I sent them to work with Chris today. Be gone with them!

I finally got my Christmas cards in the mail today. Nothing like putting it off until the last minute. At least I'm not so pathetic that I didn't get them out so they could arrive on time or not at all. I was, however, a baking maniac this weekend...I made 20 loaves of banana bread on Saturday. Yes - 20. That would be 6 batches thankyouverymuch. Some with nuts (male), some without (female) *snicker*. It is diet-friendly bread, though...sweetened with Splenda (all hail the makers of Splenda) and wheat flour instead of white, so the damage will be minimal. Everyone but Derrick is getting banana bread. HA HA

Spoiling your Kid Rotten
Derrick is making out like SUCH a bandit this year. Oh, dear, I fear we have gone overboard once again. He's getting about 6 Rescue Heros, Rescue Hero Jet that turns into a headquarters thing, Rescue Hero police car, Rescue Hero dune buggy & 4 wheeler, GI Joe helicopter & hummer with characters, Imaginext Bravemore Castle & deluxe Pirate Raider...the list goes on. This kid is going to lose his mind. We have certainly lost our freakin' minds.

Being Distracted
So far today, I have accomplished exactly 2 tasks that were directly related to work. I've been here 4 hours now. Hey, I still haven't read so-and-so's blog and was going to google that thing that I was thinking...

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