October 06, 2005

Per Your Requests

Madames et Monsieurs, I give you zee peectures you requested.

My closet:

Yep, it's the size of a postage stamp. My house was built in 1925, and I guess people either didn't have much clothing or they used wardrobes, because our closets are tiny. gah!

My fridge:

I tried to photoshop a picture of Rasputin's penis-in-a-jar into this pic, but it looked like shit. Oh, well. It was a fun thought.

View from my front porch looking up the street to the North:

View looking up the street to the South:

Flaming Carrot - I just happened to bump into one. Go figure.

Fave food: cheesecake Booyah!

The computer I do most blogging from (work):

My yard/Favorite living non-human thing: My Garden

Earlier this Spring:

Well now, wasn't that insipid?
Did you know that the Microsoft Word thesaurus offers no synonyms for "orgasmic"?


  1. Your neighborhood looks very nice. I'm coming over and raiding the fridge, too.

  2. I used to love Flaming Carrot comics! Where'd you find that?

    And if it's not too late, well, um, it's been awhile since you've posted a picture of Lexi...

  3. Love the house and the yard! From this never-to-be-a-homeowner, I'm infinitely jealous. And such sexah hayunds! :)

    Nice to see someone else did a Flaming Carrot costume. A buddy of mine back in Virginia made one out of foam rubber, masking tape, and a bit of paint and red and orange streamers--looked pretty darned impressive, too!

  4. I still love, love, love you house, small closets and all. I especially loved the garden pics, since the only time I actually SAW the "garden" it was -14 and buried in snow.

  5. No human heads in the fridge, eh? Just as I suspected.

    You got a nice place, garden and all. Looking forward to living on property with real live plants some day :)

  6. I have that same fridge.
    That's all i have to add.
    Should I delete that?
    Tell ya what...you decide.

  7. OMG I never thought you'd actually find the flaming carrot. Celti you rock!!