October 28, 2005

SASF v.10.28

Well now, I've found several fun little tidbits for today. ...a little Halloween fun, a little goofiness, a bit of twisted humor - it's in

Happy Flower Rainbow Bunny Nice & Cheerful Sunshine Muffin Panda Turn to the Dark Side
This little story made me giggle entirely too much. I worry myself some times.

It's gets worse...much worse. *snicker*

Tattoo of the Week
Since I've pretty much abandoned the tattoo of the day feature,
I've decided to try to include a cool tattoo in my Friday post
each week. Today's selection:

Click click BOOM! He's packin'! ha ha ha ha

That's Where He's Been!

I finally figured out what the Dastard has been up to since he
ditched us quit blogging.

He's following his dream.
Who knew he could dance?
(J, take this in good fun as it's meant, hunny. I miss you.)

How Does She DEAL?

Michelle Thompson has a health problem. So, then, why does
she always look so happy? Perhaps it's because she has PSAS...

Dang, I can certainly think of much worse things to be
stricken with.

Kowabunga, Dude!

This, I must say, is one of the biggest damned waves I've seen.
...and this guy takes it on. Wow. I sure would like to know if he
came out unscathed.

Gumballs, Anyone?



I can't explain this one. You have to just go there. Then,
come back and tell me WHY?!

Love Story

I will seek and find you...
I shall take you to bed and have my way with you.
I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan.
I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop.
I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you.
And, when I am finished, you will feel weak for days.

All my love,

Now...go get a flu shot!

Chalk on the Walk

A while back, I posted some amazing pictures of chalk drawings
that appeared to be in 3D. Well, I've discovered who the artist
is and have some more images for you!

Julian Beever is an English artist who's famous for his art on the
pavement of England, France, Germany, Australia and Belgium.
Beever’s works are drawn so that they appear to be a 3D image when
viewed at the right angle.

It's all about perspective:

Hanging Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

FREDERICA, DE - The apparent suicide of a woman found
hanging from a tree went unreported for hours because passers-by
thought the body was a Halloween decoration, authorities said.

The 42-year-old woman used rope to hang herself across the street
from some homes on a moderately busy road late Tuesday or early
Wednesday, state police said.

The body, suspended about 15 feet above the ground, could be easily
seen from passing vehicles.

State police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Oldham and neighbors said people
noticed the body at breakfast time Wednesday but dismissed it as a
holiday prank. Authorities were called to the scene more than three
hours later.

"They thought it was a Halloween decoration," Fay Glanden, wife of
Mayor William Glanden, told The (Wilmington) News Journal.

"It looked like something somebody would have rigged up,"
she said.

MAN! How bad would that suck. I can hear her now, her soul hanging
around to see reactions..."They're ignoring me! I pull something like
this and they are STILL ignoring me!?!" Bad timing, I guess.

Crappy Halloween

Here's a little Halloween fun. Ya know...POOP is always fun,
right? Poop? Aw, never mind. lol

We'll be celebrating my baby's 5th birthday this weekend.
Good times.

I can't believe my baby is going to be 5.

Have a fun and safe weekend, peeps!


  1. October: Best time to commit suicide/murder in broad daylight.

    Man, I love this country!

  2. The cartoon thing was hysterical! I like the bunny doing heroin.

    300 orgasms a day? I'd settle for a couple a week.

    The walking stick, I can't explain either.

    The chalk drawings are totally cool.

    My baby turns 7 on Halloween. That's why I love this time of year. Happy birthday to your baby too!

  3. Incredible chalk drawings! And that walking stick is just soooo wrong. Happy Birthday D!!!

  4. Happy birthday to the little guy!

    And I have seen bull penis chew toys for dogs, but never a cane. And here the evil part of me wants to say "perpetual hard-on". Evil Julie.

  5. I read about an old lady who was at a bingo hall and had the bingo board fall down on her. The injury caused her to have spontaneous orgams. She actually sued the bingo people. Her husband was a very happy guy.
    Great SASF as usual. Happy B-day to the D-man.

  6. Here is the link...http://www.positiveatheism.org/writ/frugal.htm

  7. Happy Birthday D!!!

    Cool pics.

    Have a great weekend Celti girl!

  8. I remember the 1st posting of the chalk drawings.....very cool.....have a super weekend!

  9. Those certainly are amazing chalk drawings.

    Those guys dancing way too funny.

    You have a great weekend too. Happy Birthday to your little man.