October 10, 2005


It's time for a change. I am currently working on a complete re-design of this blog, which has become dauntingly time-consuming. I'm a perfectionist with this type of thing to the point that I will probably be missing large quantities of hair by the time I'm done, but I'm determined damnit. Posting might be a bit on the light side, however, for the next few days while I try to whip this blog into shape.

Get it? WHIP it into shape? hee hee hee hee (yeah, yeah, shaddup) lol


  1. we'll be sitting on the edge of our seats... waiting! ;)

  2. Yeah... you whip it into shape, girl. And if it disobeys, whip it harder. And harder...

    Ok, I'm done.

  3. um...Good luck with all of that.

  4. Women and their endless need to remodel things...lol....good luck!!

  5. Betty Page was the shit.

  6. Heehee whip it into shape! For some unknown reason that damn song is now playing in my head.

  7. Wow, LOL, best of luck - I've been messing about with redesigns for my blog for months now... I keep promising myself it'll happen any time now... arrgh! :)

    Oh, feel free to include lots of whipping in the new design. ;)

  8. Heh...I've grudgingly begun the spiffing up of RFG...started with a Blogroll (finally!) and will start playing around with some backgrounds and graphics for a new header.

    Now using the divine Ms. Page is something I'd expect from Vadergrrrl (new post at her blogspot page, BTW), so it's a pleasant suprise!

  9. Very nice. The only thing wrong? There's only one link to my site. You definitely need more links to my site.

  10. This is looking great, Celti. Beautiful, haunting landscape pic, great ideas, great layout. Excellent. :)

  11. I really like this new setup. A lot more attractive than the blue backing. But wanted to tell you that the Blogger bar across the top look messed up (at least on Mozilla 1.0.7).

  12. I LOVE the new look!! Especially, the ominous background... Good job! ;)

  13. Looking good so far. I never knew that a blog could be into that whole S&M thing, but here it is getting whipped nonetheless.

  14. This is looking very cool! Nice job sweetie! Love that background! Whip me next? ;)


  15. Very nice. So far so good. Crack that whip, baby.

  16. Looks great, Celti! What a gorgeous background!

  17. I LOVE the new look here. Very very well done :)

  18. Holy shit this site is too cool! I love the redesign!

    And Betty Pages doesn't hurt either. Well, she hurts in a GOOD way!

  19. Looks awesome, Celti girl! Great job!

  20. sorry for the lack of response, folks. I'm sicker than shit today. It's really quite uncomfortable to sit at the computer, so I'm going to go try to lay down again. Be well!

  21. Get rest! Drink lots of fluids! the blog looks INCREDIBLE! Beeeeg thumbs up from moi!

  22. Freaking AWESOME, Girlfriend! It looks great in here!

  23. Looking very cool - i love green. The background pic is awesome.
    Get well soon!

  24. Get well soon, Celti!

    Hmm. In fact, if you're reading this, you're already back, so you might have already got well. In which case, great!

    Although, you might have dragged your bones back to see how things are going, in which case, aww. Get well soon. :)

    Either way, or some other way, love and healing to you! :p

  25. Looks great! Good job! Now f-ing write something!!!!!!!!

  26. Denny - glad I didn't make you wait long. lol

    E-Lo - it's been whipped. lol

    Derek - um...thanks.

    Mike - ha ha - hey, we like nice surroundings.

    Omega- indeed, she was!

    Jenn - Yeah, it got stuck in mine, too...even thought about putting that song on the blog. lol

    Owl - I've messed around a lot with ideas, but this time I was serious. ;)

    Spc - I've been thinking about blogrolling, but the free acct only gives you one list. I'm cheap. lol Yeah, Vader's a big fan of Ms. Page, but so am I.

    OW - so do I!

    Happy - ha ha ha - I'll see what I can do.

    Owl - thanks! That's bonny Ireland in all her glory...and you know how I love stormy skies.

    Omega - thanks. Thanks for the tip, but honestly I'm not all that concerned with the blogger bar - thought about yanking it completely but I just messed with it instead. It looks fine in IE and firefox.

    Denny - thanks!

    Pete - why, thank you! heh heh

    Se7en - thanks! hmmm...10 foot bull or cat of nine tails? ;)

    JP - thanks, baybee! *thwap!*

    Kerri - thanks! Yep, Ireland is gorgeous.

    Outburst - thanks!

    Jennifer - thanks!

    Vince - thanks! She hurts so good. ;)

    Mike - why, thank you!

    Celti - whine whine whine. Oh yeah, I did feel like dying. lol

  27. Spc - thanks, that's exactly what I'm doing, :D

    Aimee - thanks!

    Cali - I love green, too. thanks, hon!

    Owl - unfortunately, it's the latter. I'm still feeling pretty rotten, but I've decided that I'll live. I'm taking it easy. Aw, thanks! I needed that!

    Jamie - thanks. I will. I've been sick, silly! Did you get my message last night?

  28. Nice Celti girl! I love it and it fits you well!

  29. Message? What message? I got no message. Please send said message again.

  30. Message? What message? I got no message. Please send said message again.

  31. Brighton - not a surprise! lol

    Jenn - thanks, I thought so. :)

    Jamie - sorry hon! I thought it was the other jamie. I don't have your number, silly!

  32. It's funny to be mistaken for another person, he he.

    Signed: SheJamie

  33. Celti, this looks fanastic!!!

  34. Looks great.

    Question: are you going to keep a song going all the time?

    I apologize, but I can't handle sites that come with music attached. It is a pet peeve because it gets me in trouble at work.

    That was why El Sid disappeared from blogroll.

    Anyway, the template looks great.