October 14, 2005

SASF v.10.uhhh...What's the Date?

Gawd, I am discombobulated and half stupid today. I think my illness damaged my brain. Yesterday, all day, I thought it was freakin' Monday all day, now today I don't know the freakin' date and was burning Hepcat's butt about our plans for tomorrow (which would actually be NEXT Saturday. duh...) So...beings that I'm stuck on stupid, this should be fun.

The Rest of the Story

Well, for those of you that would like to know what happened Tuesday morning, I wrote the story over on my Bitching & Moaning blog. I haven't posted there for a long time, but this just seemed like it should go there. I expect some sympathetic comments over there, too. ha ha. It's gross, people, I won't deny that. Let's just say that Jimi Hendrix and I have something in common now. lol

Scent of the Beautiful People?

Reportedly, Marilyn Manson will be launching his own perfume next year. Oh, good gawd. The shock rocker singer will join a host of stars with their own fragrance including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, Hilary Duff and Ashanti. Ug...I can't believe he'd want to join that list.

He admits to taking some of the inspiration for his currently unnamed scent from the fashion-art collaborations of Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli. Manson says, "I'm in the final stages with one of the major companies."

I can only imagine what it's going to smell like.

Speaking of Endorsements

Steven Seagal has come out with his own energy drink: Lightening Bolt

When I type "Lightening Bolt", I hear dramatic music in my mind. Corny dramatic music. ha! Give me a freaking break.

Reinforcing my Inner Geek

Well, folks, it's official. My Blogger Codeis:

B6 d- t++ k+ s++ u- f i o+ x+ e+ l+ c+

Um...yeah. I have no idea what that means, but I have one. Now, someone please tell me what it means.

May We Screw with Your Eyes?

Do you see a face in the beans?

Beans, beans, the magic fruit, the more you eat, the more you...oh Hi! Sorry, got distracted there...

Check these out. I'm still seeing spots and shit. lol

The Scoop on Poop

This page offers pretty much anything and everything you might possible want to know about poop. What a valuable resource!

Clean up Your ACT!

Have you noticed that your computer monitor, after a few years of use, is not as clear as it was when new? Well, that's because electrostatic charges cause micro-etching on the interior surface of the glass which can degrade the picture quality.

As a result you end up straining your vision and visual acuity can suffer. There's a solution!

HA HA HA HA! I love it!

OK folks, it's been fun. This was late as hell and it was ALL Jamie's fault. It was. Ask him...he'll own up to it. Well, some of it is Derek's fault, too. heh


  1. got kind of turned on when you wrote may we screw your eyes

  2. Hahahahahaha, love the screen lickers!! HI CELTI!!

  3. those opt. illusions are amazing! I's crosseyed now.

  4. I confess...I spent about 20 minutes checking out the poop page.

    Happy Weekend.

  5. Steven seagal..

    Marilyn Manson should make a hair removal cream. How does he get his face so smooth? Not sure I want to ride the bus next to someone who smells like him though. Bah!

  6. Is that a recent picture of you?