October 26, 2005

Silly Dog

We've had Lexi now for 3 months and she has really settled in. She's such a funny dog - a big doofus in a lot of ways. I said that she reminds me of Scooby Doo - not real smart, kind of a "fraidy" and always looking for a snack.

She loves nothing more than to just be close to us. She loves to sit on or lay on your feet, weave between your legs and headbutt you. She's a one dog wrecking crew when she's wound up after coming inside - like a bull in a china shop.

Lexi loves feet. Yes, my dog has a foot fetish - go figure. She will lick your feet clean for you no matter how nasty they may be. It's pretty gross. I can't let her lick mine more than a few swipes because it tickles too derned much, but Chris gets a Lexi-pedi almost every night. Ew.

She absolutley ADORES the D-man. They are about the same size, and they do this thing I call "wrasslin' match" where she basically pushes him gently to the floor and sits on him. D giggles and squeals and she sits on anything she can including his head. It's hilarious. She loves to "herd" him and will put her mouth on him to grab him but never leaves a scratch.

Lexi's other best buddy is our neighbor's dog, Mika. They are about the same size and their tie-ups in the back yards allow them to get to each other. They wrestle and play the whole time they're out. In fact, if one of them is out, you can hear the other one barking, wanting to go out and join the other.

She's a nut for toys, and has done well at learning which ones are hers and which are D's. She LOVES stuffed animals, and will rip them apart and pull out their stuffing within hours. She loves it when I stick a bacon treat in her kong - that'll keep her busy for a long time. lol

She's a sweet lover of a dog. I'm so glad we found her.


  1. What a cute pooch. It's cool he plays like that. The last dog I had was a useless animal that just liked to run around the yard and beg food from the table.

  2. It's great when you have a pleasant dog that you can play with for hours on end.

  3. that explains the blackened tongue in that picture! Ew ew ew! My cousin had a dog like that. It's one reason I'm NOT so ticklish anymore!

  4. Now that you mention it. She does kinda look like scooby ahaha in the eyes. I'm happy you have such a loyal friend. Dogs sure are great.

  5. She's adorable!! I had a cat with a toe fettish. He would lick my toes until I took my feet away. Sometimes that's how he would wake me up!

  6. Aw, nice puppy. My dog used to lick my feet - I kinda liked the tickling. And my aunt's German Sheppard used to chase us kids around to pull our socks off our feet when we were kids.

  7. Sounds like our Lab. Aren't they great to have around?

    When she comes inside she's like a furry 60 pound ping pong ball. Menacing to the china cabinet but very entertaining to the children.

  8. She's cute!!! She looks like my old dog Lady, who was also fun to wrassle with.

  9. Very cute. My dog and my 10-yr-old cousin used to wrestle. The dog won every time.

  10. Vince - thanks, I think she's a cutie. It's so nice to have one that plays since our last one was a couch potato. lol

    Denny - sure is. :)

    Outburst - thanks!

    Jamie - actually, she has black spots on her tongue. It's not from the feet. eewwww! lol

    Jennifer - she's such a goofball. We love her.

    Heather - thanks. Leo will lick ours sometimes, but not like Lexi.

    Julie - I kinda like it but have to make her stop because I'm squirming too much. lol

    Pete - dogs = unconditional love. Doesn't get much better than that.

    E-Lo - thanks. She's a "wrassler" for sure.

  11. Michael - Lexi usually does, too. lol