December 08, 2005

HNT Chop Chop

Yes, blog peeps, it's
again! (and it's still snowing. lol)

Last night, after my shower, I got crazy with the scissors. My hair has grown to the point of being pesky - it was so long that I had trouble sitting on it, getting caught in the seatbelt/door of my car and such, and it wasn't looking too hot. The ends were getting to be a bit shaggy and and thin, showing quite a bit of wear and tear.

Case in point:

Straight out of the shower

So, Celti got the trusty scissors out and went to work. I whacked off at least 6 or 7 inches, probably more by the time I was done...

ta da! MUCH better!

Another problem I'd had was that it was so long it was pulling all of the curl out of it. I like my curls! Now, I'm happy to report that they are back! It feels nice and bouncy and I'm soooo happy I did it. yay!


  1. Glad you "curls" are nice and bouncy. I like bouncy "curls".

    And the haircut looks great!

  2. Yup a good trim is always a good thing. Happy HNT

  3. Good trim job, sweet pea! I love how hair feels after a good trim. Sooo nice!

    Happy HNT!

  4. much, much better the Godiva! ;)

  5. What could be cuter than goyells with coyells? I whacked my do too. I think I lost five pounds!

    Happy HNT!

  6. Daaaahling, you look maaaahvelous!

  7. YOu cut the back of your hair yourself?? That is talent my dear!

  8. Still trying to figure out how you took those sexy shots.

  9. Yup, what they all said!

    Snowing to beat the band here in Cinci. Took me three hours to drive home from work, and I'm finally a little less of a nervous wreck. I'm praying for a snow day at work tomorrow...I'm required to go into work, unless I don't feel safe driving or can't make it out. And it's gonna snow all night...I am NOT looking forward to going to work tomorrow...:(

    Hope the kitty wounds are getting better! :)

  10. Derek - your point is...? lol

    Outburst - thanks!

    Vince - bouncy curls rock. thanks!

    awaterpixie - indeed. thanks! you too.

    JustMe - thanks. sure does. :)

    Denny - thanks. lol

    Tricia - Cool. Lets see a pic!

    HEP - thank you, dahling.

    Brighton - I sure did. It was surprisingly easy - or I got very lucky. lol

    Michael - look over my right shoulder in the top picture and you'll spy a digi perched on a ledge. timer. :)

    Queen - why, thank you! HHNT

    Spc - ick. We've just been getting it in blasts of about 5" at a time. that commute sucks! I've got my fingers crossed for a snow day for you. :) Kitty wounds are much better, thanks.

  11. Lookin' good babe! I too am thinking about a wack job, it's almost down to my shoulders now! But it's being a pain in the arse lately, time to go!


  12. Your hair is exactly like mine used to be in times gone past. Amazing.

    You have a better body though. :D Happy HNT... well, CNT today!!