December 02, 2005

SASF v.12.2 - Freakin' WIERD

So...I'm told that Mercury's in retrograde (thank you, Serra). That explains a lot, actually. Man, no wonder shit's been so freaking wierd. Yesterday, as you can see, was, indeed, quite a wierd day. Woot! 4 commas in one sentence! Supah staaahhhh \m/

Oh, hi. Yes...moving right along. Today, I have for you quite a collection of wierdness. Just what the planets ordered.

(Lots o' pics here, folks. For those on dial-up - sucks to be you so sorry!)

Dickinson Hate Mail

I think it would actually be kind of cool to have someone take the time to do this for me. lol
Stick with it - it gets funnier as it goes along.

Watchin' the Clouds Roll By

I love watching the clouds and picking out images. Well, as I was poking around in Google this morning (image search for wierd, specifically), I found these:

Which led me to search for more wierd clouds:

...and some were just cool...

...and I ran across this site: The Cloud Appreciation Society. Woot! It's a meteorologists wet dream. lol

How To Become a Camwhore in 5 Easy Steps

The title is pretty self-explanatory. It's rude and obnoxious, but it made me giggle quite a lot.

Party Flashers

This site is NOT work safe (lots and lots o' boobs), but made me laugh like a fool. It's SO amazing what some idiots will do in front of a camera when they've had a few too many. Sheesh!


I cannot believe that this man person is was a female. Oh, I'm so confused. Damn! Talk about transformation! I think the transformation is complete except for the naughty bits. Amazing...simply amazing. Ooooh, he (she?) has a blog!

The "O" Face

Very Interesting Article

The "I Can't Believe She Snuck a Finger Up My Butt" Orgasm Face

Oh yeah, you've made this face before, haven't you? You were anally violated in some fashion by your proctology-aspiring partner, yet somehow you still came. This orgasm face of perplexion reflects a man grappling with three questions simultaneously:
1. Did she really just do that to me?
2. Did I really come AFTER she did that to me?
And most importantly...
3. Am I gay because I kinda liked it?

hee hee hee hee hee

More Wierdness than You Can Shake a Stick At

Well, maybe not that much, but I am happy to share with you even MORE wierd images I found when searching for "wierd."

Well? He said "blow me."

Wow, that's cool!

Man oh man, click the image for a bigger view. Someone either has WAY too much time on their hands or has done entirely too many drugs (or both).

The Madness Continues

Let's have a little fun in my comments, shall we? Let's play "let's pretend." I got this idea from Live Journal & it sounds like fun:

Please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

Hee hee! Can't wait to see what you creative peeps come up with!

Y'all have a great weekend, now & play nice.



  1. Girl, you remember that day we went down to the Dairy Mart for ice cream and ended up being abducted by those phallic looking aliens in the spaceship that looked like a cloud? That was sooo cooool! So were those drugs we took.

  2. Yeah, I remember you ladies talking about that. It was right after Celti and I crash-landed that old AH47 Huey behind the fence at Groom Lake and spent two days evading the Black Berets and working our way around their sensor nets to get back to Vegas. Thank goodness that Howard Hughes guy stopped to pick us up along the Extraterrestrial Highway and gave us a lift to the Bellagio where we proceeded to run up a tremendous room-service bill and then a whirlwind shopping trip for our spouses and family members through Caesars' shops with that Jim Morrison guy--oops! Sorry,'re secret's out now...

  3. Remember that time you were travelling incognito in Africa and we met up at that bush pub where the local Induna was choosing his 14th wife with a reed dance. I remember there was drunkeness, and dancing on the tables and we had to pay off the Induna because he insisted you be his next wife. ;)

  4. It was a little before 2am when you found me. I hung from the tree, swinging naked in the breeze. Caught in the thick low canopy, the thicker twigs scratched into my naked flesh, and creaked with snakelike voices. They sang, and your sinews and wires wrapped into their terrible coils. Bound, your will was drawn forward to see closer the dead pale of my face, and my eyes, black and open, held you as I turned slowly by. With a word from you, the rope around my neck was gone, and I dropped to my feet with barely a sound. Without triump we stood together in the darkness, hands clasped together in silence. About us, chill grey mists wound through the trees, shrouding us and the secrets we would never share.

  5. Prydwen - thanks and welcome!

    Nanner - Oh, yeah...that was sooo wild, man! They were groovy!

    Spc - oh, man, those were the days. I was never so glad to see a heart shaped tub in my life. ;) d'oh!

    Esther - Gads, yes! He was rather put out, wasn't he? There IS a price for freedom! lol

    Owl - I am so glad I found you before you passed through the veil. I couldn't have found my way through the mists without you.

  6. I remember when you used to be a man and then became a female again. Haha, you were so confused. :)
    I can not believe I clicked on that guy/girl's link. My poor fucking eyeballs. LMAO!
    Lois Lane

  7. Mercury started on the forward path again yesterday and things should be totally right again by the 21st!

  8. Remember the time we raped the horses and rode off on the women?
    (name that movie!)