June 17, 2005


  1. Firsties!!! ;)
    How's your Friday Sunbeam?

  2. No Short Attn. Span today? Okay... Hey Celti, have a great weekend.

  3. *pounds table* I WANT SHORT ATTENTION SPAN!!!

    What was I talking about?

    Anyway, to answer your ? from below... I think I found you through Kevin and I come back because you're real, and funny, and real funny, and I loves ya.


    Oh, and nudie pics! Nudie pics!

  5. sshh, big moon, don't say nuttin'...I'm gonna smack that little moon with a stick...

  6. Oh! oh! Oh! I love this picture! Where'd you find it?!?!?

  7. cool weblog. I read about 20 of yer 88 Things about you and expecially enjoyed the one where you say to be born in the summer of love and in the year of peace. so become the next President of the USA!
    greetings from Italy!

  8. ssshhhh! I'll never tell either :)

  9. morning sweetie!! hugs! I like that new profile pic btw, cool!


  10. I love this pic Celti!

    And you have mail...

  11. I liked the photo.I am a page http://celtiberox.blogspot.com Celti in Spain. I live for summer a island Cuenca. I am works celti.Suerte.
    Leonardo o DrTripode o Paolaestaaqui.Visited ma page, s'il vous plait je parle un peu de franÇais. Au revoir. J'en suis fasciné par Rennes le Chateau. Jen suis fonctionaire, mais j'aime Pilar, mes deux filles el la photo.

  12. Saw your link on my blog so I will send you my newest Activis letter from CA.

    June 18, 2005

    To Whom It Should Concern:

    Subject: God, Curse those protecting child molesters and or rapists.

    California Judges and politician lawmakers CONTINUE to be more protecting of the molesting priests and Cardinal Mahony then the children who are molested and or raped.

    One possible reason why I think this way is because of what I read in the LA Times Saturday, June 18, 2005, page A-27.
    The Los Angeles Archdioceses still faces 544 sexual abuse claims and Cardinal Mahony’s law firm has now turned the documents over to a judge with the orders not to release to the media the information because it would violate confidentiality between Mahony and a priests or bishop.

    This lack of information given to us Catholics, who do NOT cherish in the bliss of ignorance, are pained and angered by the hypocritical politicians, new media and religious leaders worldwide. I ask the readers of these words to pray to God to place His burning Curse Of Justice on all those, and their family members, who help in protecting these molesters and or rapists of innocent children.

    I also request we vote in new politicians and get rid of LA Times publisher Jeffrey M. Johnson, who cowards down to the insidious Catholic Church, of which I am a member. A church that, according to the above article has spent over a Billion dollars protecting the molester and their bishops and Cardinals. The LA Times sees no need to print how this BILLION dollars could be used to help children in Africa. The article goes on to indicate that church Law Firm(s) are still today continuing to fight state legislatures in the courthouse, and to “aggressively fight legislative reform and aggressively keep secrets hidden.”

    Catholic Version of the Bible, ST. Luke Chapter 16, Verse 15:
    “You are they who declare yourselves just in the sight of men, but God knows your heart; for that which is exalted in the sight of men is an abomination before God.”

    Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

    God, if I’m wrong in requesting Your burning Curse of Justice to be placed on Cardinal Mahony, then place the Curse on me 10 times as hard.


  13. Hey Celti Girl- hope you're having a stupendous weekend.


  14. Beautiful picture... just like you.

  15. I tell all of my secrets to the moon too.
    Well, to the moon and you ;)

  16. What a really nice picture! Thanks for the link to my site, no idea who you are.

    Ask Morris

  17. Neat picture. You also write from the heart. (perused other entries) Refreshing blog.

  18. Gorgeous picture.

    I think I originally found you from Sid or Vader a looong time ago. Then I lurked for a while, because sometimes I don't know what to say and lurking is easier.

    What keeps me coming back? You have a great way of telling stories, and seem to have a great sense of humor. You tell it like it is without apology.

    Hope your weekend went well :)

  19. Cool picture, in a wicked sort of way.

  20. Did you do that? Its INSPIRED! Drop me a line so that I can come back and check out any further works of art, because I'm otherwise sure to forget where to find you!