June 19, 2005

T is for Tarrrred

Wanted to let you all know I'm still alive. lol
For some reason, I don't feel like I have the lucidity needed to write a coherent post, so you get bits and pieces. heh

Got the lawn mowed. I almost hated to do it because the clover is in bloom. My yard was full of flowers. Smelled great, though, when mowed.

Weeded the garden & flower beds. Amazing how those little bastards grow when it's rained this much. Dang.

Did laundry. Elaboration unnecessary. zzz

Put on my creative hat and created a website for my husband's business. I'm very pleased with how it is looking. No, you don't get to look yet, it's not done. ;)

D and I had a blast chasing and catching fireflys in the yard. We put them in a big jar and watched them for a while, then let them go. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to do that.

Rented and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events. I really liked it. I haven't read the book, but now I might. D liked it, too, but got really scared when the leeches were attacking the boat. lol It made for a good "snuggle up under the blankie in the lazy-boy" movie.

I finally cleaned out & washed my car. Oh, it was sooo long over due. I swear D is making concoctions like a miniature chemist back there in a quest for the most staining and viscious liquid he can invent. sheesh.

D, his daddy and grandpa went fishing today. Nice way to spend father's day. They didn't catch a thing, but had a great time.

It's official, we are slaves to the star wars action figures. We now have Obi Wan, Darth Vader, Anakin, Yoda, two robots, and a girl jedi I can't recall the name of. D loves the movies, and can't get enough. Oh well, they're fun to play with.

Chris went nutty and bought a new motor for the go kart - he broke the old one somehow. So, this motor has like twice the power of the other one. It flys. Unfortunately, it also rolls if you take a corner too quickly as Chris discovered. The neighbors got a good chuckle.

Oh, and I made four celtic knot barrettes. :)

So, I put up and linked my 100 things list last week. Since I posted it, it has been stuck on the blogger home page as one of the most recently updated blogs. It's been there since what? Thursday? Well, that page is getting something like 300 hits a day, and many are coming here from there, so there have been a LOT of new faces around here. Very interesting. I wonder how long it will be stuck there...


  1. celti! hi! hello! i, also, live! isn't it great to be alive? wheee-hee-hee-hee!!!!

    btw, the new starwars movie totally kicked ass. it almost made up for how totally terrible the last two were.

  2. Celti girl you are far to busy! You should have went out and got a pedicure!

  3. heehee

    My whole back yard is turning into a clover patch... who cares? Too hot for me Oi!

    If you don't come visit me soon I will be forced to pull out my trusty broomstick and come to you...


    Love you CeltiGrrrl
    We will make everything right.
    Remember the post you helped me with?
    I think we should add a little more to the 'mix' and repair what has been broken.
    ooooooh... like that? All cryptic and shit ;)

  4. I keep putting off cutting my lawn because of all the pretty flowers that grow in it. I'm thinking I should cu tit soon thoug, before I lose my dog or kid in it. Maybe I should just buy a few goats....

  5. Yup I agree with Jenn! And what the hay! While you're at it go for a manicure too for all the hard work you've done in the gardens :)

  6. I should have just brought in goats for my lawn. I had all kinds of wildflowers blooming too. Hey, I thought that weed 'n feed was supposed to take care of those?? Anyways 2 weeks is way tooo long in beteween mowings.

  7. Just one of the "new" faces to view ur blog....since it seem to be a permanent fixture on the "recently updated blog" list.....lol.....funny stuff tho.

  8. Hey there Celti girl! Glad your weekend was pleasant and productive. : )

  9. I can relate to the car scrubbing. My entire weekend was literally spent cleaning my car- it was THAT dirty. But now it's sparkling and pretty.

    Ryan has all the action figures from the original Star Wars from when he was little. We're probably sitting on a collector's paradise. College fund for Fuzzball, maybe?

  10. Hey, tried to post last night but Blogger wouldn't load up the page.

    Thanks for coming by-it sounds like we both had busy weekends. Betcha can't wait for your son to get old enough to handle a lawnmower :)

  11. You've been tagged


  12. Afternoon sweetpea!
    I want a celtic knot barrette!
    I really do.

    Could you post a couple of pics of the new barrettes.
    You are so awesome and creative.


  13. Gee Celti... you have me exhausted and all I did was read about everything you did! I'm glad you had a nice weekend :)

  14. Sounds like a bunch of fun for the guys! I hope you had a little fun too. :)
    Thank you for stopping in to wish me a happy birthday! It actually turned out to be happy after all.
    Lois Lane

  15. I want to see your Celtic barrettes! Please?

  16. Sid!! So good to hear from you! I agree about the movie - I loved it. I do like them all, though.

    Jenn - I was way busy! You know, I am due for one... :)

    Tricia - the clover smells so nice, I don't mind it. Plus it's fun to look for 4-leafs. I want to come visit - I will, promise. Luv you too - yeah, we can do it. Heh - startin' to sound like me. LOL

    Rainypete - goats! lol! Actually, a horse would do it, too, and you could ride it to work - with these gas prices, why not!? LOL

    Jennifer - I think I might get all four paws done next time. :)

    Boo - Nah, go for the horse. lol
    2 weeks? You gonna bail hay? :)

    midwest - welcome! sorry about calling you out earlier - you understand, right? lol! thanks

    Brighton - hey! sure was, thanks! Yours?

  17. E-Lo - it was a frickin' mess! They look so much nicer when they're clean! I bet I'd like Ryan - he sounds a lot like Chris. I bet those are worth a lot! I have an original big rubber Yoda. :)

    Omega - I saw that on your comments. Derned blogger. Yep - he has a future in yard maintenance. lol

    Daniel - but we've only just met! lol ...d'oh!

    Tricia - hey, girlie. 2 requests now, so I'll post pics. thanks! *smooch*

    Denny - that's why I was tarrred! Glad you didn't melt at the zoo! lol

    Lois - hey, girl! It was nice to have a big chunk of "me" time when they were fishing, even if I was a busy little bee. Glad to hear you had a happy day Sunday!

    Juno - awww, ok. I'll get to it. :)

  18. Fate is giving you your fifteen minutes of blogger fame. capitalize, ADVERTISE. LOL

  19. Shit, now I feel like a complete lazy ass - my whole weekend consisted of working out, laying by the pool, and watching baseball. :)

  20. Sunbeam ~ you were a busy girl! So, you had enough band-aids to patch up Chris? ;) Glad you had a good weekend! *poink*

  21. I have added this blog to my offsite blog list at http://www.Writing.Com/authors/nfdarbe/blog

  22. lol...No problem....and now that I think about it....I live in Wis as well....that had to spook ya. Thx for the welcome....and explanation tho.

  23. Morning Doll Face...

    well that's it!

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