June 22, 2005


I mentioned, a couple of posts ago, that I made some celtic knot barrettes. There was some interest expressed in seeing them, so here they are:

I think this one is my fave:

...and all four.

These were actually an experiment - something I hadn't tried before. They are made of paper and coated in polyeurethane, glued to french barrettes. I'm happy with how they turned out, so I think I'll make more.


  1. Pretty ornate looking. and Celti, Celti, Celti (may I call you celti?)lol......how many hits a day are you getting being stuck on the main page of blogger for about a week now? I like ur stuff tho...keep smiling!!

  2. Those are beautiful. You're very talented.

  3. wow, you told me about them but seeing them really adds to them. They're beautiful. You should set up a webpage and go into mail order...

  4. You should be selling these online or at RenFair for much loot. People WILL buy these. If possible, reproduce the print and sell en masse.


  5. And so speaking of purchases, how much can I buy the tree one for?? Oh to hell with it! I want them all please!! Those are awesome! Please please please please?? PRETYY PLEASE????? Okay I'll settle for one....


  6. Dayum girl, those are wicked cool!! Great job! If I didn't have fine, thin hair I'd want one for sure, unless they're smaller than they look :o)

  7. Grrr...it just figures that I'd put up a post that's mostly pics and my image host takes a crap!

    Mike - Yes, you may call me Celti. lol I'm getting a ton! It's pretty wild.

    Spirit - Welcome & Thanks!

    Denny - thanks! I'm actually considering it.

    Michael - I'm wearing that one today. :)

    Omega - Thinking about it! thanks!

    Just Me - No idea how much I'd charge. How about I make one for you? Gold or Silver and what's your fave color?

    Vicki - thanks! The bigger ones are about 3" and the tree one is about 2 1/2"

    Jas - thanks!

  8. I'm going to agree with everyone and say they're great because I know you're talented. Unfortunately, my browser won't bring up the pictures. Maybe it will play nice tomorrow.

    However, if they're as cool as everyone says, I might be interested in commisioning one for my wife. She's always wearing barettes to pull her hair back and it would be nice to get her something different and unique.

  9. :( I can't see! I wanna see!!!

    I'm always late to the party.

  10. Silver...black....green....purple.....whatever works! Actually...I want you to surprise me. That I think would mean more. ;)

    *BIG GIANT HUGS and giddy little TEE HEE's!*

  11. I think they turned out great! Will this maybe be a little money making hobby for you?

  12. You've got quite the talent there Sunbeam! I agree with everyone else - this is saleable stuff! ;)

  13. Absolutely beautiful. I want one. or two.

  14. They're fucking GORGEOUS, Celti!

  15. gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. well done. will try to call this weekend - been swamped adjusting to this new job!

  16. I 2nd one from the top is my favourite, but all are beautifull :)

  17. I love love love 'em!

    Morning Sweetie!

    IM kept freezing up on me yesterday. I missed talking to you.
    Hopefully today we can yack away!

    I did of course find the culprit to my Internet connection blues... frickin' teenagers downloading everything from music to games.

    God, why can't school run all year?

    Your favorite is my bestest one too!

  18. Those are absolutely amazing! I'm so jealous asw the only thing I can make with any skill is a sandwich (or according to twe wife, a mess)

  19. Ok,

    Now that I can see them I must formally request a commission for a Celti original for the Wife. They're FABULOUS! You could make a killing with those!


  20. Awesome, Celti!

    I'm interested in them too. Do you deliver? ;)

  21. Those are gorgeous! I'd be interested in one as well - they're they only reason I've found for keeping my hair long!

  22. ok....i came in for my (newly acquired) daily fix....and....there's nothing new!! Just kidding....But it's off to work I go.....lol

  23. Vince - yeah, my image host was having a fit. Reloaded them and they were just fine. huh.

    ESC - come back! lol

    JustMe - ok, I'll search for the proper inspiration for you. ;)

    Brighton - thanks!

    Sharron - I'm seriously considering it. Thanks!

    Seamus - thanks, bufflemonster. ;)

    Boo - thanks! Ok, I'll add you to the list. :)

    Aimee - thanks! xoxo

    Varla - thanks! Look forward to catching up w/you!

    Esther - thanks!

    Tricia - Mornin'! Did you get it straightened out? Haven't seen you yet...

    Rainypete - ha ha - you must be related to my husband. lol

    Vince - OK, you're on the list. :) thanks!

    Hazel - Sure do! :)

    Julie - ok, your name is added. :) thanks!

    Mike - you missed the new post by 5 minutes!! lol

  24. They're all gorgeous Celti--I would love to have either #2 or #4.

    Whoever said you should sell them is absolutely right! So how much? :)

  25. Wow - beautiful! Nice work. So great to have a hobby you enjoy and are good at! You absolutely should sell them if you're so inclined - they'd do very well.