June 14, 2005

Will I Ever?

Will I ever see you smile at me
Put my arms around you
And feel you hold me?

Would I be welcome there?

Will I ever be able to look deep into your eyes
And search for the truth
Will I find it there?

Would I understand it?

Will I ever have the opportunity
To show you the most
Wonderful things I know and see?

Would you share the same with me?

Will I ever know that I am loved completely
And not worry
That this feeling will go away?

Will I ever be at peace?


  1. Wow


    Made me really sad though.

    You okay Celtigrrrl?

    I wuuuuuuuuuv you!

  2. AN excellent piece... nicely thought-out... kinda rolls off your tongue.

  3. Morning Sunbeam! Beautiful writing :)
    Love the new profile pic - did you put that together? - seems so you...well, maybe not the pistol...or is it? ;)

  4. I wish I were half as talented.

  5. That was incredible. You've made me think. :)

  6. Will I ever know that I am loved completely
    And not worry
    That this feeling will go away?

    That would be great, huh?

  7. That was most excellent. I certainly wish you peace. I've been searching for it for many hears and I think I'm finally catching a glimpse of it. It's out there for you.

  8. You'll find peace. And when you do, show me where it is. :)

  9. I posted!!!!!!!!
    Whooooooooo Hoooooooo!

    Now shut up and leave me alone!

  10. Tricia - thanks. *blush* Yeah, I'm ok. I wuv you too.

    Denny - thank you. It does...

    Seamus - thanks. Glad you liked the pic. Like I said earlier (for the curious) - it's a photoshop manipulation. I didn't draw the girl, but I customized her. It is me. I'm a cartoon character, don't cha know? ;) *smoink*

    JP - oh, but you are. You write wonderfully.

    RA - thanks. thinking is good. :)

    Michael - It sure would. *hugs 'cause you need 'em*

    Vince - thank you. I appreciate that. Gotta keep looking.

    Julie - I sure will. ;)

    Tricia - ok, smartass. shrinking smartass. ;)

  11. I have to go to my mom's tomorrow but my cell will be on if you need me.

    night sweets!

  12. I love that.... just how I feel some days..

  13. Celti- you have captured the very essence of all of us. We all have those same desires it's just that the desires are met in some and not in others. I want to be in the "some" category too.

  14. Can anyone ever feel totally loved all the time? Made me wonder as a single tear rolled down my cheek.

    Beautifully done, you write well for a cartoon character.

  15. Sure would be nice eh Celti :) HUGS

  16. I like the new picture. Can you make into a cartoon too?? ;)

    And those words are very beautiful.


  17. Sweet lil punk, you. Dat's all...

  18. Tricia - enjoyed our chat - hang in there, girl. *hugs*

    Noonie - thanks.

    Boo - aww *blush* Yes, most definitely "some". :)

    RainyPete - I hope so. thank you so much.

    Jennifer - sure would. *hugs*

    Nanner - *hugs* thanks

    JustMe - thanks, I like her too. I could try. heh. thanks *hugs*

    Cootera - awww, shucks. :)

  19. Hey, grrrl!

    Enjoyed last nights conversation

    I think we seriously need a chick road trip. Grab Cooter... let's FLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. It's wonderful poem. I was really moved. I had felt same thing before.
    "Will I ever know that I am loved completely
    And not worry
    That this feeling will go away?"
    That would be great.