June 16, 2005


I finally did some more work on my "100 things about me" list, so it's linked now. It's right under my profile link over there ----->

Oh, ok, I won't be lazy. Here. Lot's and lot's o' Celti trivia.


When I look at my site meter & stats, I am always amused by the things people search for that lead them to my blog. Recently, I've seen goodies such as these appear:

"Doombah Pottydunkin" - Captain Underpants, I am not
"The ground is equal at the foot of the cross" - don't think they found what they wanted
"eat steak eat steak eat a big old steer" - from my early diet ketosis stupor
"tickled peed" - thanks, sis'
"wheeled vibrator" - thanks, Seamus lol
"how to say kiss my ass in celtic" - that would be "Póg mo thóin" in Gaelic
"wife speaks June Japan divorce 2005" - I have no idea...
"rock and roll goochie goo" - interesting, I've never talked about that song here
"her nipples" - what about them?
"Donovan Patton and cock" - naughty! He's hot, but sheesh!
"barefoot all the time" - if I had my way...


I am very curious, though, as to how some of my readers find my blog and why they stick around. Please humor me and answer a couple of questions, if you would...

How did you originally find my blog?

What keeps you coming back?


  1. I don't remember how I found you. Maybe Se7en, maybe Jeanette, maybe Nanners. But I stay around because you always post stuff that is on my mind, saves me having to type it. ;)

  2. You and I go waaaay back to when you first started. How did we find each other? I don't recall... but I remember you being worried because you didn't have too many readers. Now look at you, Miss Popular! Just don't forget the little people who have loved you from the start! :-P

  3. You commented on my site. I think it was my post about Putt Putt Golf. I visited you after that.

    I keep coming back because I love you.

  4. Uhhhh...I don't remember. Either I was blog surfing or you commented on mine. Hell..it's almost been a year since I started my blog. Can you believe that?!?!?!

    I keep coming back because I love ya, I like you're writing style and you're too damn sexy!


  5. gorsh...I can't remember now, but you keep putting up pictures like the one on the top right now, I'll keep coming back...

  6. Celti,

    I checked your site since it's linked off of several I read (Julie, ESC to name a few). I come back to see how you're doing and make sure things are ok with you. I've got this thing about trying to cheer up people and give them hope. That and your blog is interesting and your picture was cute. Call me sexist, I know it already.

  7. I'm thinking it was either Vader or DQ's blog where I first saw you post comments, and your comments piqued my curiosity so I checked out the blog...and here I am! I admire your sense of place in the world and your attitude about things, so that's what keeps me around. :)

  8. Hmmmm... I didn't know we were having a quiz today... I would have studied... how did I find you?
    Well, I am assuming you want the truth so: one night I was sitting out front looking into the sky and I saw a shooting star. I made a wish and then before my eyes, written across the southern sky were the words: www.celticcross13.blogspot.com/

  9. I found your profile while looking for people with interests in tattoos. I keep coming back because you're not perfect, and smart enough to know it and keep working away at things. That, and you post Sarah McLachlan lyrics :)

  10. I found you through Aimee...back when I sent the anonymous e-mail to her that turned out to be not-so-anonymous when she posted it! :o)

    I keep coming back because I like what you write and the way you write it. (I don't comment, though. Don't have an excuse for that, either.)

  11. I don't remember what first brought me here. I think the first time I saw a comment of yours was at Se7en or Demon Queen, but I think you commented on me first because of the work Se7en did on my blog. Yeah, that's it.

    What brings me back is the cool lady sitting behind the other side of this computer monitor and the interest I have in her opinions and seeing what life may bring her.

  12. Hell, I picked you up one day when you were hitchhiking thru N.O. and then we went to... ohh ooopss!! nevermind, that was someone else... ;)

    Actually I found you thru someone elses links, Maybe Zeldas or Nanners I think, not sure though.. or maybe you found me... I come back for the free beer and sex though! woohoo! :lol:

    oh OK seriously... because you're such a sweetheart! what's not to love at Celti's., huh? :)

    hugs and smooches!!


  13. I always thought it was rock and roll coochie coo, not goochie goo. What the hell is a goochie goo?

    I don't know how I found your blog besides from being linked by every other blogger I know. It's the vicious blog circle.

    And it's cause I like you. *blush*

  14. Hiya Celti,
    I found you either thru Brighton or Seven.

    Why do I come back? Your sparkling wit and fabulous taste in everything.


  15. Yea, I don't remember what I had for breakfast.

    I come back cause I need regular hits of Celti.

    I need a hit like a crackhead needs a hit.

  16. Boo - hey, psychic twin! LOL
    I bet it was Se7en. :)

    CB - One of my very first blog buddies! Oh, yes, I remember. You were very kind. :) Nope, sure won't as long as you don't.

    JP - I think I found you through Vader. Awww *blush*. Love you, too.

    JustMe - I don't remember either! LOL It's been over a year for me. Love ya, too! Thanks!

    Derek - streeetttttchin' the memory. You know you likey cartoon girl. She love you long time. LOL

    Vince - I appreciate you checking up on me. :) Lawd knows I need cheering up some times. You give good advice. Awww, shucks, you sexist. ;)

  17. spcknght - probably DQ's - not much going on chez Vader these days. Here you are! :) thanks!

    Denny - you're too funny. Why didn't you take a pic? That would be too cool to post...

    Omega - so that's where you came from. Not perfect - you've got that right, but I keep chipping away. Ahhh Sarah, my doppleganger. lol

    Kerri - a lurker revealed! I remember that e-mail. lol
    thanks! Please do comment - I heart comments! No excuse! ;)

    Sharron - I think you're right. Aww, thanks! Same reason I come see you!

    Se7en - I think it was Nanner's. No beer here, boy - have a margarita! thanks, sweetie. *smooch*

    E-Lo - I think it is coochie coo. Goochie goo is what you'll be saying to that baby in a few mos. LOL
    Yep, we're both submerged in this blogger soup, aren't we? I like you, too!

    Serra - I think it was Brighton. awww, shucks! thanks!

  18. Pup - you snuck up on me. lol
    Your supply is unlimited, so load 'er up. LOL

  19. I was looking for a single frame from the "Friends" episode where David Schwimmer's character had a bad twitch. But I typed in my google search for "Cel Tic Ross" incorrectly, I guess.

  20. Celti I can't remember how I got here either Tricia girl or Miss Vader I am sure.

    I keep coming back because I always want to know how you are. If everything is going ok for you. I guess you could chalk it up to I just like you girlie!

  21. I noticed your comments on many of the blogs I visit and popped over and stayed. I keep coming back because you're not afraid to say when you're having a bad moment, or a good one, or an inbetween one and you say it so well. Thanks for linking me :)

  22. I don't know how I end up anywhere at the best of times. Just the other day I found myself at the mall and not only did I not know how I got there, but I also had no idea what I needed to buy.

    I keep coming back because I was told if you lose something you should check where you've been to see if you left it there. Has anyone here seen my mind? It's a wee little thing and pretty shiny as it sees little use.

  23. Hi Celti,

    Be happy that your site meter is ticking.

    What you want to hear!

    Well, You are Sweet, great. You are 'The Best'.

  24. Mornin' Sunbeam!
    TGIF ;)
    found through the Vixen
    why would I not come back? ;)

  25. (Aimee at Kate's house, not changing her settings)

    Ummmm--do you remember how we found each other? I don't. But how could I not come back? We're connected at the proverbial hip, m'dear! We are two halves of the same coin. You are the EVIL half of our evil twinship! Hahahaha!

    Seriously, I love your guts... but I have no idea how we met. (**blush blush**)

  26. Damn...I think everyone in the Sloth crew linked to you...maybe I came from Sloth's, maybe from Aimee's, maybe from Nanner's. Hell, I don't know.

    But you crack me up, and you're creative, and poetic, and dammit, just plain fun, so I keep coming back. :)

  27. I can't remember how I came across your blog. I don't know if it was from comments left on other blogs, or what. I keep coming back because I like to read what you have to say. A lot of the time I find you are inside my own head. I like your humor and I think you're great. :)

  28. I have never been here until yesterday... no clue how I got here...nice blog, though.

  29. Hello there. very good Idea. I think everyone should have 100 thing to say about themselves.
    I'm new here...

  30. Wow, Celti, I just found you -- and by accident, too. I look forward to reading the archives and studying your site. I love the 100 things. In fact, only one or two offended me -- as if that mattered. I'm a grey-haired old historian, and you're a picture

  31. Michael - you're stretching, man. ;) *smooch on the head*

    Jenn - yeah, one of those two ornery gals. I like you, too. :)

    Esther - sorry it took me so long to get you added. Glad you're coming around. :)

    Rainypete - little wee thing - riiight. Whatever, shinytop. ;)

    Rabbani - awww, thanks! ...and welcome!

    Seamus - I know your story. lol Don't know why you come back, though. ;)

    Aimee - don't remember how you got here, but I do remember very early on you offering to adopt me. The rest is history. lol I love your guts, too. *smooch*

    Julie - I think it was Sloth. hmmm...same reasons I come bug you! :)

  32. Jennifer - Great minds think alike. ;)

    desertUndine - welcome! thanks!

    Rand - I really finding the 100 things on blogs - you can learn a lot about a person. welcome!

    Jim - hmmm...wonder which two? welcome!

  33. I found your blog off the blogger home page after creating my blog. It looked very interesting so I decided to check it out. So... hi! =)

  34. posting your photo was a mistake, I mean Yikes!

  35. girly - hi & welcome!

    Anon - thanks a lot, you spineless fuckface.

  36. ahhh, Anon - I see that you were back this morning. No comment now that you can't be anonymous, eh? Coward.

  37. Hey sweetheart~ I think 'Anon' meant that in a nice way. I mean, shit gal, YIKES is right!! You're an intimidating beauty inside and out. Fo' real.

    How I got here? Because I tend to wander 'round lots and lots. Why I come back? No choice, dear. Once addicted to a good read, always addicted to a good weed. I mean, read...

    Hope you have a beautious Sunday! I'm goin' swimmin' today for the first time this summer. Oh the joy of knowing a person with a pool who travels a lot for work and leaves a key for me!!

  38. Cootera - You THINK? *blush blush*
    Boy, I sure didn't take it that way. Maybe you're right...sure would like to know. Anon, if you come back, would you clarify? If I took it wrong, I apologize.

    Good weed...*snicker*

    Yay for swimmin'! Have a great day!

  39. Well, this is my first time here and I found it because it was on the list of recently updated blogs. Actually I just wanted to look at what other people have done with design, because I'm making some changes to mine. But I have to say that I really like this! I think we have a lot in common and I'll probably be back to check in, now.

    Take care and have a great week!

  40. I just stumbled across it as a recently updated blog. Although I think blogger is having a problem there....it's been the same "recently updated blogs" for 2 days now. Any how...good stuff.

  41. I don't know exactly how I found your blog - maybe Inanna or just that you comment on many of the blogs I read so I eventually came by to read yours. It is funny, honest, insightful and I can often relate to it - that's why I come back. :) kim

  42. I was "wife speaks June Japan divorce 2005."

    You weren't who I was looking for, but I liked what I read.

  43. Your site was listed as just updated in my dashboard and I gave it a whirl.
    BTW, "poo poo on shoes"
    I would rather it on my shoes than tween my toes:)

  44. Well I just found this blog through "About Celti" under the recently updated column. I like the design and I think you write well so I'll probably be back.

  45. Just contemplating another entry into mine and hopping around other blogs at the same time. Y'know what they say about curiousity and the cat-- is it any wonder just HOW cats have nine lives???
    I like it; I'll check back in every now and then.
    BTW, hope you had a
    ~* Blessed Solstice, Sister *~

    )O( Lady AM )O(
    << for short>> :D

  46. Found your blog on "Blooger Dashboard" as: recently updated.

    Amazed at your energy and will come back whenever I need a kick in the rear

  47. Dear Celti, please see my (friendly) comments on your 100 things. listhttp://northtron1.blogspot.com/

    Jim Friday