June 28, 2005

A Diamond in the Rough

Now, here is a cool idea. More and more people today are choosing cremation as opposed to burial for their means of dealing with their remains. Now, there is a new option – a Lifegem.

I had heard about this before, but hadn’t really looked into it until I heard them talking about it on the radio today. What the technicians do is extract the carbon from a person's cremated remains and make a diamond out of them. They extract the carbon, purify it and put it in a diamond press – a device that combines heat and pressure to form a rough diamond, just as the earth does but much quicker. They then cut, facet and polish the diamonds which can be cherished by the person's family.

They can make up to 50 GIA certified 1 carat diamonds from one person. They can also do this with a pet's remains if one is so inclined. The process can be done with remains from someone who has recently died, or ashes from someone who died long ago and you can choose to have the diamond(s) made in blues or yellows. It is pretty expensive, but really not that bad considering that you get a family heirloom that lasts forever instead of a pot of ashes (they don’t use them all, so you get that, too.)

I think this is a really cool idea. They last forever, won't get spilled or vacuumed (too many movies? lol), and are a very pretty reminder of the person. Say, for example, a person has three children – well, 3 diamonds can be made for each child. What do you think? Would you do this?


  1. That is so cool!! Can I go ahead and off certain family members in the name of jewelry? No?

  2. Hmm... I'm not really sure what to think 'bout this... **off to ponder**

  3. It is a cool idea, but maybe if only because it's new it does feel a little odd. It is different to burial in that all your yummy goodness gets taken out of the biosphere, but then, hey, you live forever!

    A while ago, I saw a bloke on TV who'd had his mum and dad made into diamonds, and he had stuck them in his front teeth. Talk about bite me.

  4. completely...morbid...

    "oh, that's so lovely, where did you get it?"

    "it's Mom."

    "your mom left it to you?"

    "no. It's mom. It's made from mom."

    "you're sick in the head."

    "no, seriously, look, you can see that familiar gleam that once resided in her eye!"

    "get away from me, don't you talk to me!"

    "JUST LOOK AT HER! COME BACK! she didn't mean it, mother, she didn't mean it"

  5. This is probably one of the less morbid options for dealing with a person's leftovers after death. I hate funerals, and I have always wanted to be cremated with a minimum of fanfare. I think I like this alternative.

  6. I totally think this is awesome however, I have already decided that I want my remains to be part of a painting.

    I saw that there is this lady who does these gorgeous paintings and she uses some of the ashes from the departed and puts them into the painting.

    I think Diamonds would be too superficial...cause then my family would be TRYING to kill me.

  7. I would do this - those blue diamonds are gorgeous! How much does it cost, that's the question.

  8. Brighton - oh, you just gave me an idea. LOL

    Cootera - Let me know, hawt one. :)

    Spirit - it is different, but I can embrace it. In his teeth? Oh, give me a break!

    Derek - only you...only you. Who's morbid? LOL

    Serra - I agree. They could still do a funeral, just like anyone else who's cremated. Just document your wishes.

    JustMe - A painting? Oh, that's a cool idea! Then again, you could do a painting and a diamond. Spread the love. lol! I doubt that it would be worth their efforts - these don't come cheap.

  9. Julz - there's a price list on their site. Approx $5000 for a 1/2 carat. Ouch. I like the blue, too!

  10. I love the idea, but don't want anyone wasting money on my death.

    NAh I'll stick with being sprinkled on Kew Gardens, not sure if it's legal but I've shown the kids some old prisoner of war escape movies, so they know how to hide me up their trouser legs....

  11. That is actually one of the neatest ideas I've heard. The whole burial thing makes me shudder, so yeah, go ahead. Make me into a ring! Propose to your girlfriend using my carbon! How extremely freaky yet classy...


  12. Call me traditional, but I really prefer a normal burial with a plot and everything. And there's something a little odd to me about wearing your loved one on your finger. I don't think I could have a ring made from my wife's remains.

    Not to say that it isn't a cool idea and might provide comfort for some, it just doesn't do it for me. Sorry.

  13. lol...I'm actually void of thought here...and that in itself is strange. Definately another option to consider though.

  14. I have actually spoken with my kids about this one. Though, they pointed out that people lose jewelery all the time and could you imagine the guilt associated with losing something like this?? LOL Scarred for life I think.

    I like the idea of my remains mixed with concrete and made into a mold and dropped in the ocean to become a reef for fish. You have the location so you could drop flowers and drop anchor and "visit" if ya felt the need :)

    Were also toying with the idea of a family plot on a piece of forested land. Hopefully I have a bit more time before i have to figure it out.

  15. I'm all about the soulstone. Even after my body dies, one day some kid will find it, then I'll take over his body and he'll be trap in the stone.


  16. I couldn't help it, I had to post about this.

  17. I'm not too sure about this. It sorta sounds like a good idea, but I'm bothered by it for some unknown reason.

    But if someone wants to make a diamond out of me...better make sure it's at least 1 carat and princess cut. :)

  18. I think it sounds like a great idea!! Much better, to me, than keeping a bowl of ashes & bone parts around. :)

  19. I just don't know Celti. I think it is bad enough that I still have my ex father-in-law in an urn on my mantle. Not sure I could handle any other relatives around my neck.

  20. I would have to pick the expensive one, wouldn't I?

    I would wear Rick or my mom after they died. ;)

  21. Would I? Nope. We talked about getting these made with my dad's ashes and then I said I didn't want one of Pop's nuts as a gem stone. It made everyone else rethink "wearing Dad". Besides, who needs reminders? When someone is in your heart, they are always there.
    Lois Lane

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