June 12, 2005

Life as a Sensory Playground

I've been keenly aware of my senses this weekend. I am always taking in sights and smells, sounds and feelings around me and savoring them, but this weekend they all seemed more intense. It's life at it's richest.

The scent of rosemary on my fingertips long after passing it at the farmers' market

The feeling of a sweet little Boston Terrier licking my face

The salty squeek of fresh cheese curds on my teeth

The smell of the rain and freshly cut grass

The bumps on my bottom and feet caused by Cadbury bouncing around under my chair

The goosebumps on my arms as I watch childhood sweethearts get married 15 years later

The quiet of the house in the morning when D is at Grandma's

The taste of cheese omelets, biscuits and bloody marys at the bar for breakfast

The way the light filters through the window, capturing Captain Nemo's silouette

The sweat dripping down the side of John's drink, making a puddle on the table.

The vibration of Leonardo's purr on my lap

The tickling of the tips of my wet hair on the small of my back

The way the light filters through beautiful stained glass

The heat of my son's feverish forehead as he snuggles against my chest

The softness of his cheek as I stroke it

The sound of his breath as he sleeps

The clickety click of the keys as I type this

The world is beautiful, powerful and rich. I am happy to be alive.


  1. I'm happy because you're so happy. :)


  2. wow... I am impressed with that insight... excellent!

  3. That was beautiful Celti, just like you.

  4. Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes it's much nicer to think about all those good things... I'm going to try it :)

  5. Restless AngelJune 12, 2005 7:31 pm

    That was awesome Celti. Thank you for the smile :)

  6. Beautiful!

    I love the way you see things.

    Email with home phone on the way.

  7. Life is full of beauty, most of of it hidden in everyday life. It's a rare gift to be able to see it. Bravo to you!

  8. Ah, the feel of a child's skin as you stroke their face. There's nothing as soft or innocent. Then there's the smile you get from your kid as you do it.

  9. Life is good when you take time to enjoy the simple things. Glad you had a better weekend.


  10. 'Tis the simple things that make the world go 'round...

  11. Glad you have kicked the funk to the curb! Those are great pictures. :)

  12. I was very happy to read this post :)

  13. There's so much in the world to love and live for, isn't there? Let it all inspire you!

  14. Aimee - just looking for those little things to DO make me happy. xoxo

    Denny - thanks!

    Brighton - *blush* - thanks, sweetie!

    Jennifer - you're welcome. it works.

    RA - thanks, you're welcome!

    Aimee - *poink!*

    Varla - Thanks, sweet thang!

    Tricia - Thanks, hon. Got the home phone - you're in trouble now. LOL ;)

    Rainypete - I think you see that hidden beauty, too, don't you?

    Vince - it's so wonderful. It doesn't get much better.

    Boo - it is! Me, too. *hugs*

    Cootera - indeed!

    Odd Wife - what the hell happened over there?! *hugs*

    Julie - YAY! thanks!

    Vicki - I'm happy it made you happy. lol

    E-Lo - there sure is!

  15. That was beautiful! It sounds like you had a great weekend.

    My senses seemed highly acute as well...

  16. Very nice. The sound of my keys typing this annoys me. I need to lighten up. ;)

  17. Very nice. The sound of my keys typing this annoys me. I need to lighten up. ;)

  18. But I love the sight of double-comments.

  19. Michael is a freak, but he makes me laugh. ;)


  20. Thanks for the reminder... beautiful...

  21. Sadly, I didn't get very far into the list. I misread "cheese curds" as "salty squeak of turds."

    my apologies.

  22. I'll be back soon! I got the new job and I'm transitioning over! Wait till you hear the stories...

  23. Derek's comment just made me spew Diet Coke out my nose. That was a sensation I could've lived without... ;)

  24. I'm glad you are alive and stuff too! :)
    Lois Lane