June 06, 2005

Short Attn. Span MONDAY

...since I totally SPACED the fact that we had a holiday last week, making Friday...well, Friday and not Thursday. pffft.

Sweet Like Chocolate
So, we've decided to name our kitten Cadbury. Yeah, I know, it's goofy but it fits her. I like it, and we can call her Berry for short. :)

This Explains a LOT
"Crazy In Love? It's In The Brain"
Brain Scans Of Those In Love Nearly Identical To Those With Mental Illness

PHILADELPHIA -- Have you ever been crazy in love? Scientists now say the brain activity of those in a whirlwind romance is nearly identical to those with mental illness, Philadelphia television station WCAU reported.

New research with brain scans finds that new love lights up the part of the brain that is also lit up by thirst, hunger and a craving for drugs.

"Of course, drug addictions can be very powerful, very compelling kinds of experiences for people and the kinds of experiences that people feel they need to have that kind of thing," said Dr. Andrew Newberg at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. "And if love runs along those same lines, it's really not completely surprising the same brain areas would be involved."

That means that new love might be less emotion and more physical addiction. The study's authors call it life's greatest addiction.

Once your crazy love has mellowed, many people's brain scans tend to light up in regions involved in long-term attachment.

Newberg is a neuroscientist and he researches brain scans. He said he is not surprised first love lights up like an addiction because if we don't fall in love and have babies, our species would die out.

"It really makes sense that the feelings we have around love, mating and sex are among the strongest we have as human beings. And showing that on a brain scan is not surprising to me," Newberg said.

The study's author, from Rutgers University, said that new love is so addicting that some people actually commit suicide if they get dumped. Drug addicts rarely do that if they don't get their drugs.

huh. go figure.

Hollaback Girl
Although the song and video are both strongly reminiscent of cheerleading camp, this is a pretty cool video. I’ve always thought Gwen Stefani was awesome, and I’m glad to see her doing well on her own.

A holla back girl, by the way, is a girl that is willing to be treated like a doormat or booty call. She is a girl that will allow guys to do whatever they want with her and will just wait for them to 'holla back' at them.

Oh, hell, who am I fooling? GAWDDAMN Gwen's HOT!!!

Reasons to Go to Work NEKKID (thanks, Vicki!)
1. Your boss is always yelling, "I wanna see your ass in here by 8:00!"
2. Can take advantage of computer monitor radiation to work on your tan.
3. "I'd love to chip in, but I left my wallet in my pants."
4. To stop those creepy guys in Marketing from looking down your blouse.
5. You want to see if it's like the dream.
6. So that with a little help from Muzak you can add "Exotic Dancer" to your exaggerated resume.
7. People stop stealing your pens after they've seen where you keep them.
8. Diverts attention from the fact that you also came to work drunk.
9. Gives "bad hair day" a whole new meaning.
10. No one steals your chair.

Gilligan’s Quandary
Seems there is quite a controversy brewing over an advertisement for the new TBS reality show, "the Real Gilligan's Island." Apparently, having two women throw pies at each other, wrestle each other in a sexy manner & smearing each other with pie, then having water splashed on their ample, fake bosoms is degrading to women.

See the Ad Here

I find such humorless, knee-jerk reactions to be tedious at best, sanctimonious and arrogant at worst. Get over it, people! There are far too many prudes in this country. I really don’t think it’s “demeaning” to women, do you? Hell, I don't find it as demeaning as the Hooty Gay Cowboy Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial. Although I really can see the opposing parties’ point, is it really that bad? What do you think?

Idle Hands
This little video features one or more individuals who obviously have WAY too much time on their hands. It's pretty cool, though. Nimble fingers...hmmm...

They Think They're Kewl
Apparently, a documentary is being made about bloggers. Woo hoo! 59 Bloggers will/have been chosen as their "subjects" and the film is being described as "a feature film about the new senate of the people, by the people, for the people".

Unfortunately, nominations are now closed, but wouldn’t it have been cool to have a couple of people from our community in it?

Ewwww - Descriptive!
"A fart this nasty is impossible to shake. It will follow you to the ends of the earth, like an orphaned child, blanketing you with its stench, a scarlet letter of stinkitude."

- from Steve the Mildly Unwell Bastard's Blog

Ha ha ha ha ha! I haven’t heard that good of a description of flatulence for a long time. That was so funny I could almost smell it. LOL


  1. Cadbury is a really sweet name...no pun intended. ;)

    Don't know if I've ever been crazy in love but I have been called crazy a few times.

    Gwen is hot but she is sort of a bimbo and what is up with B-A-N-A-N-A-S?? Seems a little weird. Howard Stern was singing the song the other morning, now that was funny.

    I laughed at Stevo's discription of flatulance as well and I hope he gets his issue straightened out without shutting down the blog.

  2. Hey can you believe it? I was first!!! And now I'm second. HA!

  3. Cadbury is a cool name! Love those easter commercials - Thanks Easter Bun! Bawk, Bawk!

    The crazy in love thing explains so much! My sanity has been questioned often. Now I know it's my wife's fault for making me fall head over heels for her!

    Number 10 on the go to work nekkid list was the best!

  4. Mornin' Sunbeam ~ the Cadbury is cute, but I love "Berry" ;)

    The crazy love post probably explaines a lot!!

    #8 on the nekkid reasons list remains my favorite!

    *hcoomselffub* ;)

  5. Cadbury is such a cool name!

    About the brain research: Could explain Tom Cruise!?

    About Gwen: Makes sense, but the song still drives me crazy. Which could explain it being stuck in my head now! Thank you Celti!! LOL

  6. Celti... I've come to the conclusion that you need to change jobs... you have WAY too much time on your hands. lol

    I did go to check out the fastest fingers but then spotted Ass Check and got diverted. So I missed the ending of "fast fingers" How did it end?

  7. I think you should have named her Veruca Salt.

  8. I think that's an adorable name for your kitty!

  9. Boo - firsties! LOL
    I thought it was a cute name. I've been called crazy a lot - you betcha! You have a point about the B-A-N-A-N-A-S - wtf is up with that? Oh, well... No kidding about Steve - how much of it do you think is real?

    Vince - Thanks! I love the cadbury bunny! That commercial always cracks me up. I lost my sanity long ago - have you seen it? LOL! I think #6 is my favorite.

  10. Anything involving big-enormous-fake-titties-with-clothing-just-barely-restraining-them reminds me that, culturally speaking, we are all under the influence of white men who were not nursed. The fascination with titties is amusing, but not endlessly so! Grow up! and Get over it!

    (I liked your blog, Celti, just not the Gilligan's Island thing!)

  11. Seamus - yeah, Berry was kind of like an extra bonus. MMmm hmm, I never denied being crazy. #6 is my fave...muzak. *snicker* *hcooms*

    RA - thanks! You're right - it could! It's one of those songs that you catch yourself humming and it ticks you off. lol You're welcome! ;)

    Denny - no way! I love having my play time! Just you wait.
    You know, my attn. span is too short and I didn't make it to the end. LOL Ass check is just cheeky, huh?

    JP - you think she'll blow up like a blueberry?

    Taza - Yeah, I hadn't thought about that angle. Interesting point. The whole show looks distinctively stupid. lol

  12. I have my own private Gwen-a-be in a Box:) A nice juicy younger model at that!