June 03, 2005

P-P-P-Puddy Tat!

UPDATE - 2pm - HOLY CRAP, PEOPLE! I just realized that it's Friday and I don't have a SASF post up! Yes, Celti started out the day thinking it was Thursday. I'm gathering up goodies now, and promise to have SASF Monday to make up for it, m-kay? I'm surprised no one has mentioned it.


Well, I had quite the challenge getting some pictures of this little fuzz-ball. She plays ALL OF THE TIME and rarely holds still, so the first batch was rather blurry.

I caught her at rest, though (giving herself a bath, actually)

(don't know what the hell was up with the flash in these two. damned camera *grumble*)

Sprawled out on my computer chair (made herself at home already. lol)

Meep! Toes in danger!

Unless my family objects, her name will be Cerridwen (pronounced Ker-id-wen). :)


  1. I am so jealous right now!!! I've been begging to get a puddy-tat!!! Begging I say!!! But no....no kitties. I brought home a charcoal grey Rex bunny last night instead. Mwahahahah!

    "Mommy....where's fluffy?"

    Just kidding! Sheeesh! I'll get pictures of her up soon.

    Give the kitty a good petting for me please. Uhm.....wait...that sounded....I gotta go now. *blushes*

  2. Wow... I've only known you for a day and already I know what your... wait, that wouldn't sound right...

  3. Cats. Meh...

    (Morning, Cupcake!)

  4. Mornin' Sunbeam!
    So..."coocha" wouldn't work huh? ;)
    She's a cutie pie! How'd the big introduction go last night???

  5. Very cute. And I wasn't lurking. I was reading. I didn't have a comment.

    Whatever. :)

  6. Um...and how is that pronounced?

  7. Awww....she is absolutely adorable. Seems like just yesterday that my 2 brats were babies. Baby will be 7 in July and Fluffy just turned 6 in Feb.
    She looks like she will be a good mouser and I would know considering the the mouse incidents I've had with my cats.

  8. Pronounced Sir-id-when, I believe. Only you slur it all together. Say it like you're drunk.

    She's catastic! meow!

  9. Those are some beautiful markings on its hind legs. Calm down, O, three beasts is enough.....*dammit*

  10. Just Me - Sorry hon! It's ok with me if you get one. :) awww, I like bunnies. I used to have a little dutch bunny who tried to eat my house. lol *snicker, pet pet*

    Denny - hee hee. Yer naughty. :)

    Aimee - LOL! I knew you'd say something like that!

    Seamus - Afternoon! No, Coocha ...no. ;p I think she's a cutie. The intro went well as long as she kept her distance. She pounced on him once wanting to play and he batted & hissed. They spent most of the evening about 3 feet apart staring at eachother. lol

    JP - suuure, stalker *cough*

    Katey - Ker-id-wen

    JP - :p

    Boo - thanks! They grow up fast just like kids. She loves her toy mice, so I bet she would.

    E-Lo - nope, hard c. Irish/drunk? Are you trying to say sumptin'? LOL Indeed! Meow!

    Derek - yay

    Inanna - it sure is! :)

    Omega - I love her markings - she's a mini version of Leonardo. Gonna have to post some Leo pics now. At least wait until after the move. lol

  11. omg, so CUTE!!!!!!
    I'm such a sucker for kitties..

  12. CB - so am I! That's why she was adopted immediately. LOL

  13. Cute kitten.

    I see a photo of a beautiful '67 Camaro on your sidebar. Is that yours? Can I have it? I'll park it right next to my blue and white '70 Chevelle SS454 and take real good care of it, I promise.

  14. Adorable! My eyes are itching already, but I love kitties.

    You woke up thinking it was Thursday? Must have been a nice reality check huh. LOL

    Happy TGIF!

  15. OMG how freaking cute is that kitty!!!! I love kittens, they are so frickin adorable. Mine is about 2 1/2; I want another one soooooooo bad. She's such a princess though, I don't know if she'll like not getting all the attention, but I don't know if I can resist.

    I want a dog, but I'd hate leaving it home alone all day long without going out, etc....

  16. I just figured your SASF post would be coming later. Doh!

  17. Memphis Steve - welcome! No, it's not mine *pout*, but you wouldn't be able to pry the keys from my dying grasp if it were. :) A '70 Chevelle? Sweet

    Sharron - aw, allergies suck! They're too damned irresistable.
    Yes, it was a nice reality check. You too!

    Vicki - Cute enough to suck me in. lol She's an ornery little squirt. Has yours always been an only cat? Yeah...dogs are a lot more work.

    Katey - nope, I spaced. d'oh!

  18. Damn, she's aDORAble!! Now then, sure you don't want two very sweet, very loving and handsome tuxedo cats?


  19. Awwwwwww, lookit da FACE! She looks a lot like my Desi (that's who's in the Gravatar) when she was that size.

    I should dig out that post about how we got her...