June 26, 2005


It was so hot today, I looked out the window and saw a little man in an orange robe burst into flames! (bonus for first person who can identify what movie that line is from! lol)

Actually, yesterday was a scorcher too. What to do on such putrid days? Movies! I took D to see "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl" yesterday (it was really quite good) but what we saw today blew it away. This was no ordinary movie...it was an IMAX movie. Yes, one IMAX movie experience and I'm hooked. It rocks.

The movie we saw today was called "Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey" and it was so awesome I have to tell you about it.

Your guide for the film is Stomp - the acclaimed group of percussive performers. They explore rythm, song, and dance around the world in a vibrant, deeply moving experience. You travel with them from New York City to the American Southwest, Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. Along the way, you meet gumboot dancers, taiko drummers, djembe players, bell ringers, flamenco dancers, marching bands, street performers - people living out loud.

Some of the featured performers include:
Eva Yerbabuena - Spain
Kodo - Japan
Bayeza Cultural Dancers - South Africa
Shafaatullah Khan - India
Khoi San Music - Botswana
Timbalada & Os Zarabe - Brazil
Jackie Robinson Steppers - NYC
Winchester Cathedral Bellringers - England

Underneath it all is the beat, the pulse of music and dance. To me, it expressed how differently each culture looks at music and dance - how it is all so very different, but yet the same - just like the people.

What was amazing is that there was virtually no spoken dialogue in the film. Everything was expressed through facial expressions, visual imagery and music.

I think this film would have been moving in a normal format - but the IMAX experience brought you into the film like you were right there. It was wonderful. Check out the website too, linked above. It's an amazing flash site that gives you a taste of the experience. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to ruin it for you - I highly recommend it.

Wow. :)


  1. I think that is showing locally at a museum... must check it out!! Glad you had a good weekend with D.!

  2. Goooooooooood morning Celti girrrrrlllllll!!!

    Ironically enough it is also hot enough fro a little crotch pot cooking too! What a versatile flick!

  3. I haven't had a chance to see an IMAX film yet, but my wife has. She said it's awesome seeing a flick on such a HUGE screen. I must go one of these days.

  4. IMAX films are pretty neat....it's been years since I've been to one though.

  5. I wanna see it! I really wanted to see the last Harry Potter at an IMAX, but it never happened. Hopefully with the next one...

  6. I gree, and IMAX is great. I saw my first one years ago and it was terrific. I've seen several since and always try to see any new ones. This weekend I'm going to the Academy of Natural Sciens here in Houston and they have IMAX there. :)

  7. We went to the IMAX at the Flight Museum in Pensacola, FL. Hunter "flew" during the whole movie. The one your talking about sounds really cool. I'll have to see if it's playing anywhere in Houston.

  8. Did you take the kid? How did he like it? I promised Em a movie tomorrow night and now I'm trying to pick one we both might like...

  9. Seeing anything in IMAX is just too awesome!

    E-Lo - we did see the Harry Potter movie in IMAX and frankly I'm way too spoiled now! =) Also saw "The Polar Express".

    I'm glad you got out and about yesterday - blow out the cobwebs so to speak. ;D

  10. Been a while since I've seen an IMAX film, they're always pretty moving, but this one sounds great too.

  11. Being a drummer who's a bit of a dancin fool on the side, I love STOMP. Love em! I didn't know about this movie, though, so I'll look out for it now.

    We have an IMAX theatre in Bradford. Funny, it's there, but we hardly ever go...

  12. Nanner - Do check it out! I bet Nate would like it too.

    Rainy - Good Evening. Ewww, crotch pot cooking. ew. lol

    Vince - oh, you need to go! It's way cool.

    Mike - they've improved them, I think

    Denny - yup. sure is. Check one out while you're there - maybe they'll have a Pooh flick. LOL

    Brighton - Sweet - a flying one sounds way cool!

    Aimee - sure did and he loved it. xox

    Seamus - indeed! Yep...was going stir crazy cooped up.

    Michael - it is, check it out!

    Spirit - gotta love the drummers & dancin' fools. ;) Stomp is AWESOME. They did a great job with this.

  13. This'll show ya how out of friggin touch I am - I don't even know what IMAX is!! I've heard of it, but I don't know what the difference is.

    Anyhoo, the Stomp thing sounds pretty interesting. Maybe, if we EVER get hot sunny days around here (other than the once-a-month variety), I'll have to check it out!

  14. Hey girlie hope your doing well. Imax is awesome, we don't have one here, but we have seen several on our trips to Denver.

  15. knock, knock, knock.....

    Hey Celti girl! are you up?? I'm here, at 3:14am and once again can't sleep...aaarrgghhh. I hope you are having better luck getting some ZZZZZ's tonight than I am.

  16. I took my dad to see stomp last year. It was so awesome. Even he liked it.

    I want to see this international version though. It sounds awesome!

  17. Thanks for mentioning this IMAX movie. I will now have keep watch for when this one comes to my area. It sounds like it was a good one.

  18. Vicki - an IMAX theater is build with a huge dome-shaped screen and an intense surround sound system. The experience is designed to pull you right into the picture to make you feel like you're IN the movie. It's awesome! Check it out!

    Jenn - doing much better! How about you?

    Boo - nope, I was snoozin' hon. Sorry you weren't. Try Valerian root - it's working pretty well for me.

    Pup - I so badly want to see Stomp now. I've seen it on TV, but never live. This movies is excellent - you would love it. Come up and I'll take you to it!

    Sojouner - welcome! It's a must see. :)