September 07, 2005


I feel like Goldie Hawn in Overboard. You wouldn't understand if you haven't seen it...

The last few days have been so busy it's making my brain hurt. Things have been going crazy at work, and I've been barely keeping my head above water. I haven't read one person's blog today. That's right. None. Gah!

Oh, and the little wizard is gone. Yep. I axed him. He was just too annoying. Bye Merlin. Ciao.

I've been wanting to post about the weekend, about D's first soccer game, about my barrette sales... I've been thinking about a post about Bob Denver, also known as Gilligan, who passed away a few days ago. I grew up watching Gilligan's Island after school. Loved that show, loved him. I've been thinking about posting about this, and this, and that, the Celtic webring I joined, the sweet deals I scored on ebay... I've been wanting to post about New Orleans and how frightening it is to see how truly unprepared this country is to handle a crisis. ...but I haven't had time. Gah!

Lovisa, if you're reading, how are you doing honey? You ok? How's Erich?

I just got home from D's soccer practice & got dinner. Now, I need to empty the dishwasher, give D a bath, go to the store and get dog food, take a shower, and get all my crap ready for tomorrow since I have an off-site meeting all day. I had to go buy 20 frames for the awards I made, get them put in the frames, make checkoff lists, prepare Power Point presentations for the President and do my regular work.

I need a drink. Hmmm...I think I have the makings for White Russians...

Tomorrow should be amusing, though. I get to go play golf for the first time. Yep. Real golf, not mini-golf. Big golf. I know I can putt, but my drives just might land about anywhere in the hemisphere I'm aiming at. I'm going to request a bucket of balls, because I'll be dipped if I'm going to chase all of them down. I'll report in as to how horribly pathetic well I do. No pressure, though...nah. I'll just be playing with the freaking president and all of the management on their tab. That is, after we have our steak-fry lunch. On their tab. *grins* Did I mention that it's all on their tab? ...and I get paid for the afternoon as if I were working? tomorrow I'll be on a golf course with a belly full of steak and being paid by the hour for it.

*grins* Yeah, it will all be just fine.


  1. I usually start feeling that way in November when all my craft shows hit--buhbub-buh-buh

  2. And we miss ya....enjoy the steak and golfing tho.

  3. Gotta love steak! Especially when the boss is buyin'!

  4. All sounds like good stuff happening - even if you are busy. Golf 101 - where all mistakes are forgiven. Don't plow up too much ground and fix your divots! :)

  5. Do liek I do and don't take it seriously. I tell everyone that I don't play golf, I play "Whack F@*K"

    This way they know what they are in for!

  6. Ok, the Goldie Hawn in the beginning of the movie where she's a complete and utter bitch? Naw! OH!! You meant the Goldie Hawn with amnesia who tries to "re-learn" how to cook, do laundry, raise boys... eeeeps!! But I'm with ya, baby. Things are nuts all around these parts, too. But geesh... hope you're having fun golfing today!!

  7. Yup I'd say buh buh buh is how I'd feel too! Busy lady!

    Bob Denver died???!!!???? WHAT!!! Damn me for not watching the news.

    Hugs. and have fun and don't forget to RELAX a little ;)

  8. I did see "Overboard" and yes it's sad Bob Denver died. Too much're right. All in good measure!

  9. "Powerpoint presentations for the President".
    What? THE President? If so can you make one that reads something like "I'm a fucking idiot and have no idea what I'm doing"?

    Just remember, keep your head down.

    I'm talking about the golf!

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  11. So, are they hiring? I'd LOVE to fiddle around with power point, pictures, and check off lists!

    I don't have 5 mintues at a time to think at my job! Ahhh, grass looking greener moment.

  12. Popping by to say hi, busy here too!

  13. Doncha just hate it when you have a million little things to do?

    Well, here's hopin' you can find something else to think about...

  14. *poink!*

    We are doing much better sweetpea thanks. I posted about our sad and sickly selves. Come see!


  15. I hate it when you get busy. I don't get SASF. Oh well, I guess it really ISN'T all about me. Who would have known?

  16. Never been certain about trying to put a ball in a hole...stick in the hole maybe...but not the ball...steak on the bosses dime...WOW!

  17. Serra - Oh yeah...I'll be having some herbs for you very soon. Harvest time coming up. :)

    Mike - glad to know I'm missed. Steak & golf was cool.

    Kerri - No kidding!

    Seamus - I took your advice. I didn't even make a fool of myself! :)

    Pete - My goal was to have fun and I did. Funny how the closer to 18, the more we drank, the more explicatives were heard. lol

    Cootera - I was thinking of when he comes home and she's sitting in the chair nearly catatonic. I could never be an uberbitch like she was in the beginning! lol!

    Jennifer - TGIF! Yeah, Bob died of cancer. Sad day in TV land. *hugs back*

    Michael - Overload for sure!

    Cali - president of the company, silly! I wouldn't do squat for the shrub. lol!

    Celti - glad t6o see you deleted your whining. lol

    Jamie - no, they're not hiring. It's not as fun as it sounds.

    Brighton - I bet you are!

    Archmage - I do! No time to just "chill." *grin*

    Totsie - Excellent! I came and I read. So glad he's home. *hugs*

    Boo - I got it done! I wouldn't let you down. :)

    Cow - I wasn't certain either, but I did it - the ball in the hole that is. lol The steak was yummy.