September 24, 2005


adj.: 1. Of or characterized by a highly developed or wide-ranging skill or proficiency. 2. Being an outstanding example of a kind; quintessential.

Steve Martin

Those two words, the name of one of my favorite people on this earth, bring up so many images in my mind. Bunny ears, arrow through the head, calling card, the jerk, father of the bride, dirty rotten scoundrel, SNL, King Tut, cruel shoes, wild and crazy guy, genius.

He's nice looking, in good shape, smart, financially secure, old enough to be a grown up, but young enough to still have energy. He has interesting work, and the freedom not to be working all the time too. He has dancing ability and a strong feeling for music or art and he obviously loves the movies. ...and he's funny - the perfect man.

Although this time a few days ago I would have told you that there isn't anything I can think of that would make me admire him more, I have to say that this is no longer the case. David Letterman would have proved me wrong.

I rarely stay up late enough for Letterman - I just don't get enough sleep if I do. A few nights ago, however, I was "burning the midnight oil" for no particular reason and it came on. The musical guest for the night was {insert drumroll} Steve Martin. Screech! Um...he's gonna sing or what? Well, little did I know, Steve is quite the musician. He plays the banjo, and he and his band "Men With Banjos (Who Know How to Use Them)" performed. I was blown away. These guys know how to play the banjo and I was surprised not to see smoke coming off their fingers. I knew that he played in those old routines, but I had no idea he was so talented!

Now, I have quite a soft spot for this kind of music since it is what my grandfather played. He was in a band called the "Missouri Travelers" and they performed on the nursing home and senior meal site circuit for years. Grandpa played the fiddle (don't call it a violin!) and played it well. Happily, my mother and I had the foresight to record some of their performances before they disbanded. It's just been these last couple of years that they stopped playing since grandpa has been losing his eyesight. He played with them up until age 90. I even played "second" for him on the piano a few times.

After grandpa "retired" from playing the fiddle, he gave the violin to my mom. A beautiful instrument that she said he'd had as long as she remembers, we were stunned to find the makers mark of "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1889" when we looked it over. I'll be damned.

I digress.

Steve's band was great. I admire him so much for doing something like that as it not only takes a significant amount of talent, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It warms my heart to see him pickin' and grinnin'.

I hear that an autograph from Steve is a rare thing - he does not give them. When asked, he gives out a card that states "You have had a close encounter with Steve Martin." There's just something so cool about that.

You know, I really could go on and on about Steve, but it's getting quite late and my pillow is calling me. You can read a lot more interesting stuff about him here or here, so I'll leave it at that.

Just know that I completely adore him. *grin*


  1. Crushin' on da Martin there Celtigirl?? He is pretty cool!
    Happy Sunday! :)

  2. I've always like Steve Martin...and had no idea he was musically inclined...pretty cool stuff.....Funny....every time I com in here I get to learn something new.

  3. The Jerk is one of my all time favorite movies! I love all of his movies. He plays with Earl Scruggs, who is an amazing blue grass man. I love the bluegrass music...

  4. I heart Steve Martin. He's my baby daddy! Or so I tell people.

    And that's alll I neeeeed!

  5. As I read the definition of compleat, I thought you were going to post about me. Not that you always need to talk about me, but it's difficult not to.

    However, I will gladly forgo a little attention for Mr. Martin's sake. I must say I too am a fan of his, especially during his "Wild and Crazy" period. His comedy is classic.

    And he can indeed really play the banjo.

  6. he also has a novel, doesn't he? quite the multi-talented man - but thats probably cos he's got two brains!

  7. I've always like him too. He has so many wonderful movies. I cracked right up in The Jerk, when he really didn't know he was adopted. My all time favorite movie though is "Planes Trains and Automobiles" funny, Funny, FUNNY.

  8. Loved reading this! You know Steve Martin makes me wet, I just love the guy.

  9. Genious, pure genious. I love his work, even the serious bits. The Jerk is still my all time favourite though.

  10. If you listen to his first album ( I think it was his first)...the one where he has the arrow thru his head.. he picks a mean banjo to the tune of "Ramblin' guy".

  11. InfoCow - :)

    Seamus - Nah, wouldn't call it a crush. lol

    Mike - that's cool! :)

    Jenn - It's such a classic. Their music was great!

    Nanner - not a surprise. :)

    Jamie - You could only be so lucky! lol

    Vince - ha ha, yes, it is difficult. ;) He is a classic.

    Cali - At least one - Cruel Shoes is one of my fave books. He's a genius.

    Boo - So many funny moments he has given us.

    Brighton - oh, I knew you would. :)

    Pete - Yup. :)

    Jamie - I had forgotten about that...

  12. He's also written plays. Because he's that good. :)

  13. When I wrote that he was good looking on my blog, people gave me a really hard time!

  14. How funny! I have always had a little thing for him too! With all of us agreeing like this - why isn't Steve getting more attention in the hunk-world? Weird.

    BTW - him as the Dentist (You'll be a den-tist!)in Little Shop of Horrors, on the motorcycle with the black hair and the sneer....VROOOOOM, baby!

  15. Julie - he IS that good!

    Jay - really? They're just jealous. lol

    OW - you have good taste. :) He's the thinking woman's man. Ahhh...the dentist. Yeah, that was hot. lol

    Archmage - indeed! :)

  16. I LOVE Steve Martin! He's a ramblin' man, oh yeah oh yeah!
    Daniel sent me, I'll be back!