September 11, 2005

Neener Neener

You know how some things just make you smile? ...warm your heart?

Oh, how I love Karma.

Remember psycho bitch? The idiot who's freakout caused me to practically have my ass ran over? Well, guess where her happy ass landed on Wednesday night?

In jail. That's right - behind bars. Apparently, the little gutter-snipe did something to violate her probation. I hate it that they don't put down what they actually did for the violation.

I have a "wall of shame" in my computer room. It's color prints of all the mugshots from idiots I know/have known who's butts have landed in jail for whatever reason. It reminds me to keep my own respective tush out of trouble. She's going on there...oooooh, yeah. Her pic just might even get enlarged a bit.

She's still there. Gawd, I wish I could go down there and taunt her through the bars. Am I bad? heh heh



    (mental note: don't piss off Celti...)

  2. Ooh, she just got a spot of honor on the wall of shame! Hahahahaha!

  3. Yeah, she's not allowed out! No bond! Hope it was worth it to her! She's certainly handsome enough for prison, eh?

  4. Now THAT is funny. Why can't you go visit her? I sure as hell would... lol

  5. Karma's a bitch, but it's nice when it's on your team!

    Nut jobs are usually destined to get their own, eventually. It's just a shame that they manage to wreak havoc on nice people when they are between sentences.

  6. What comes around usually ends up going around too. Dumb broad.


    Justice, baby! Justice!!!

  8. I missed the original post but when I finally read it -- DAMN! The bitch deserved to be in jail.

    I like what rainypete said, karma's a bitch..thank goodness it's on your side. :D

  9. Wait, that's a woman? ;)

    See, proof that karma is a bitch. Where'd you find the mugshot?

  10. Julie's right. Karma is a bitch. And many times you don't need to do anything to get even but wait.

  11. ESC - Eh, you're safe. ;)

    Aimee - yep! Woot!

    Jamie - I hope she goes to prison. I'll be checking - believe me.

    Denny - I was SO happy when I saw her name. I think you have to be on their "visitors list" to see them.

    Seamus - indeed! :)

    Pete - I try to keep her on my team always. :)

    Boo - yep. heh heh!

    Sloth - you betcha. Sweeet justice!

    Fleece - she sure does!

    Julie - yep, that's her. The polk county jail has a website that lists all their current inmates. I check fairly often and there she was!

    Vince - yep! That bitch is my friend. lol

  12. People make their own fate. And now she can make her own license plates.

  13. that's one big ol' melon on that chick.


  14. Now I know what the saying 'the cows always come home' means.....or was that 'what comes around, goes around?

  15. Do it!
    Na, it would just be more headache for you. Just revel in the knowledge that she is paying for at least some of her bad behavior.

  16. Came back to her, didn't it? I'm glad that the "bad guy" didn't get away.

  17. I remember reading the post about that event - the one with the dumbass cop, right? So I understand your feelings about this person getting some come-uppance.
    But I can't understand some of the mean comments above.
    I'm really sorry to leave a downer comment like this, but I had to say something.

  18. Eeek!! Beware the karmic tail, my friend. Schadenfreude 'n all...

  19. Archmage - :D

    Michael - ...or perhaps she can make MINE! lol

    Derek - What are Heid Pants?

    Mike - um...yeah. ? lol

    Sylvana - Somehow I don't think she'd put me on her list. lol

    Undine - sure did.

    Cali - that's the one. Not wure which comments you're referring to, but she did just about get me killed. It takes a lot for me to be this vindictive. Not meant to offend - just having some fun with it.

    Cootera - oh, yeah...