September 20, 2005

Whistling for Trigger

You know, two weeks ago I felt like I couldn't come up with anything good to post to save my damned life. Now, it's like the floodgates have been opened and I have a plethora of ideas all hopping about urging "pick me, pick me!". At this very moment I have three completely different topics simply begging to have a post written about them - the expansion of our solar system & the f'ed up names astronomers are giving new planets (nearly done and eluded to in SASF), songs from the 80s, horse racing and golf... how to choose? I think I'll choose D. None of the Above. heh

What in the world makes a persons inner writer wax and wane like that? Next time I find myself in a rut, I need to know what the trigger is that makes it end!

My life, the perpetual roller coaster ride that it is, has been spinning and turning at a higher rate than normal, and the g-forces are starting to wear at my soul. I think I need a vacation.

This past weekend I experienced...

The joy and simultaneous frustration of a parent watching their wee one play/not play in a soccer game

Disbelief, horror and amazement at the accusations and conspiracy theories rising from the ruins of New Orleans

Shaking my head at the brilliance and amusement which is the new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie (it's brilliant - see it!)

Enchantment of twiddling the toes of my friends' beautiful newborn baby girl.

Pain caused by the bitter, nasty words sputtered through a veil of alcohol.

Anxiety when pondering an important birthday this week for which I am completely unprepared.

Wonder and love while watching my little one delight in one of the biggest parades we've ever seen. The occasion? ...our neighborhood fall festival. 117 entries in the parade. I love our neighborhood.

Exhaustion and the relief of being allowed to "fall out" and sleep for 13 hours straight.

Disgust at the mess made of our bathroom after a stumbling-drunk night of hell. He cleans up his own puke, thankyouverymuch.

Disappointment as one of my favorite bands performed here in town and I could not get tickets.

Admiration of the brilliance that is "Only" by Nine Inch Nails. Funny how, when you google some of those lyrics, you get self-help websites. LMAO.

(there was a video of "only" here, but it was a bandwidth sucking monster. lol)

Wonder at watching the D-man's artistic talent with a new set of colored pencils unveiling itself.

Anger and frustration with the dog who stole my damned steak right off the table and wolfed it down in record time. bitch. first time she's done that and it had to be a ribeye! gah!

Delight at the discovery of Seattle Chocolates "Skinny Truffles" - low carb, sugar free chocolate decadence. What's better than pleasure without guilt?

Frustration with the rats nests in my hair that makes me want to CUT IT even though I know I would regret it. Why would someone create and market a leave-in conditioner that CAUSES rats nests? Garnier Fructis? bite me.

Elation at having the opportunity to give some of D's things to a little 5 year old boy who lost his home to Katrina. Relief and pride at the fact that he's happy to share.

Awe at the gorgeous, huge, full moon.

Amazement at myself and the spectrum of traits that make me, like so many of us, such a complicated being - caring, sentient, tough, patient, kind, loving, frustrated, inquisitive, sarcastic, contemplative, stressed, curious, broad-minded, creative and ...well, complicated.

Perhaps ALL of these things are the trigger. Life is absolutely amazing.


  1. Hey Celti Girl- There are so many things that go on that I want to write about but sometimes the words just don't flow through the keyboard. This weekend and week have been quite the opposite. I can't seem to stop typing, and feeling. I'm exhausted. Let me off this ride for a short nap. I'll be back I promise.

  2. If you listen to too much NIN, you will need those websites.

    And I'm a huge NIN fan.

  3. Trent is still a god. That video rocked.

  4. Thansk for the heads-up with the video. Strange how that song crept up on me.

    I had a cat once who stole the Xmas roast beef, dragged it under the tree and howled like a banshee whenever we got too close to her kill.

    Seems like you've had a rough last few days. Hope things change around for you.

  5. Indeed. :)

    Glad to hear you loved HHGTTG--read the books, if you think the movie was that fantastic!

  6. What a great post, Celti. Really optimistic, even despite the dog eating your steak. :) Life is fantastic, even I know that. It's so great when you don't just know it, but really feel it too. Luv luv luv NIN, btw. ;)

  7. There's no such thing as too much NIN. Those that think there is are those that need the self help webistes.

    The world is full of beauty and amazement, we just get too busy to stop and see it sometimes. It's nice when we get catch a magic moment or two, and you seemd to be fortunate enough to catch a bunch of them.

    Defend your steaks and soak up the magic my dear Cleti!

  8. Seems like some busy times at Celti's - and - now you've got all this great blog fodder! Too bad about the steak - but I'll bet the dog loved it!!!! Pah! on stumbling puking drunks! Yay! for D's sharing! :)

  9. Boo - Only if I can join you for that nap. lol

    JP - nah...angst is good for you.. ;)

    Jamie - Yup, he sure is and it sure does.

  10. Omega - my pleasure! Took it down, though, when I discovered how it made dial-up choke. lol

    Had a cat done that at our house when I was growing up, I think it would have used up all nine lives right there. That's hilarious, though. Eh, I'm just on the lower elevations of the roller coaster track, headin' back up.

    Spc - I have read the books - they're some of my faves. Now I'm going to have to read HHGTTG again.

    Owl - thanks! Yep, I feel it. Hey, another guy with good taste! :)

    Pete - you're right on that! They just don't know how to express themselves. I always try to take in the details as much as I can. Lexi gets no more steak! gah!

    Seamus - oooh, yeah. She loved it, all right. She'd better 'cause it's her last. lol