September 16, 2005

SASF v.9.16 - the WTF Files

...that's Short Attention Span Friday for those of you who have no idea what SASF is. I'm NOT going to explain to you what WTF stands for. *snicker*

A big thank you goes out to the most awesome Denny for providing me with today's musical entertainment. You rock, Denny my man. :)

I run across some pretty wierd and crazy stuff in my travels around the 'net. That might have a little to do with some of the communities that I am member of (like Live Journal's "WTF Inc.") and the wierdness seems to be quite plentiful this week. Hell, it was even seeping through here (with me becoming the self-proclaimed acorn queen - btw, my army is almost ready. heh heh). I thought I would share several more points of peculiarity with you today.

"M" is for Mystery

My calendar says that today is Independence Day for M. Anyone know who/what the heck M stands for? That's been a head scratcher for a few days now...

Toilet Humor

My son, now 4 years old, has a firm grasp on the hilarity of bathroom humor. He refers much too often to "poopie" and farts and...the list goes on. As annoying as this can be, it is a fact that this stuff can be rather funny. Some say it's just a phase, but I know for a fact that many NEVER grow out of it.

Case in Point: Doodie Man

Ok. Yeah, I admit that I giggled like a dork. #9 - "annihilate" is my favorite.
I will NOT be showing this to the D man. Well, on second thought... lol

Speaking of Giggling

The combination of creative imagination, too much time on one's hands, and perhaps some of what the astronomers were smoking can be disasterous!

Exhibit B: Skeletor vs. Beastman

These rude, obnoxious freaks have outdone themselves. I warn you, it's impolite, quite vulgar and a bit obscene, but I laughed and shook my head throughout the entire thing. Unless you're quite easily offended, it's worth a peek.

Just Plain Wierd

What the hell is going on here?

...and do I really want to know?

Someone should point out to them that flotation devices should be worn BELOW your mouth and nose. ...and is that zinc oxide? Oh, never mind.

Ha ha ha ha ha! The original URL for this pic is on "" - should be more like "" lol

Peep Much?

This is kind of fun (for a minute or two, anyway). Move your mouse pointer around to use your xray vision. heh (even though it's cartoony, it's not particularly safe for work)

Patriotism to an Extreme

Those of you who have seen "Team America: World Police" are familiar with it's lovely theme song. Well, some creative, patriotic individuals have made a music video out of it.

Here it is in all it's glory.

I'm touched. I nearly wet myself when the "american cat" attacked. lol

Hey, kinda sounds like Freedom Rock! Crank it up, dude!

Dude's Got Issues

Heh. Posted this pic just for you, Archmage. *chomp*

This guy has hair issues. Serious hair issues. ...or maybe not so serious. He likes variety. ...and colors. Do you think he craves attention? lol

Actually, I REALLY like the fire one...

Springer Outdone

There are talk show fights (like you often see on Jerry Springer) and then there are TALK SHOW FIGHTS. This one is better than anything I've ever seen on Springer. Jeebus!

Bring It!

This girl is one tough cookie! This guy chose the WRONG girl to try to steal a purse from. Woot! You go, girl!

Think When you Name Your Domain

...and think hard. What seems to you to be a perfectly legitimate domain name can be misconstrued. Boy howdy, can it! or or or or or or

More Here

Well, that's all for today, folks. Next Post: Pluto getting the shaft from Santa and Easterbunny.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Celti, sweetie... I've decided you have entirely way too much time on your hands. lol

  2. Chock full of SASF goodies!

    YAY FRIDAY! Except I work all weekend... drat.

    At least I have today off! BOO YA!

  3. Ahhhhh...I've had my Friday Fix. *snicker*

    Poinkz atcha babe!!

  4. Hmm, either you're a blogger extraordinaire, or the spirit of Jim Morrison has possessed my computer. At least it's a good song ...

    I'm wondering, were those women in the wedding dresses, or men in drag?

    As for the purse snatching attempt in the elevator, too bad we can't have audio.

    "Oh, no you di'int! My steroids is in that bag, bitch!"

  5. Looks like a Flugtag picture ( the mushroom head guys.
    Thanks for the comment by the way...we're almost at 7. Then the story comes out.

  6. Today is the independence day for Mexico.

    That's all I bring to the table, except 'have a good weekend'.

  7. A flame job on his head? Bleh--I don't even like them on cars.

  8. 1. It's Mexican Independence Day. That's the M. for your first WTF.

    2. DoodieMan was gross! But funny.

    3. I've utilized, but I swear I was trying to find out the agents for theatrical talent, not the other thing.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. lol.....That one video made Springer look tame.

  10. The vid of the girl in the elevator was priceless!!!

  11. hey... i was wondering where i could get hold of celti... believe i ws tlking 2 him earlier this evening on iv heard hes a 17 year old male tht knows you... thnx