September 04, 2005

Has Anyone Seen My Druthers?

Hey, troops. How do y'all like my new little friend, Merlin? Well, Celti needs a little help with the pop-up wiz.

I don't want to ditch him because I really like him, but it annoys me that he pops up every time the page refreshes or on the comments page. He's built with Javascript, but I don't know how to make him only do an intro. Apparently, some people who have pop-up blockers running can't see him. I have a pop-up blocker at home that lets him through, but blocks some people's haloscan comments from coming up. Go figure.

If anyone reading might happen to have any ideas, I would be elated if you would share. You can right click and "hide" him, but I'd rather just have him show up on the first load, if possible. I know just enough about javascript to be dangerous. lol

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend (US folks, anyway - which isn't to say that I don't wish my non-usa blog friends a nice weekend, I'm just saying...never mind. lol). *poink*


  1. No magic wand here! How about a shotgun??? ;)

  2. I'm with Seamus... shoot the little fucker. (;

  3. Ask HIM to poof himself away. He's a wizard, right?

  4. I don't see any little guy :S

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend too ( It's a holiday weekend here too in Canada)

  5. i still don't see the little fucker.....

  6. I'd have to look at the whole script first....

  7. Seamus - aw, you wouldn't shoot my little friend, would you? lol

    Cootera - you're brutal! lol

    Jamie - Well, apparently that's a spell he isn't familiar with.

    Jennifer - you must have a pop-up blocker. My weekend was very calm & uneventful - just what I needed.

    Cali - turn your pop-up blocker off and I bet you will.

    Denny - you can see it in my source code page. You know javascript?

  8. Wow, he kind of scared me at first.

    Kick him!!!

  9. Oh I see him now. LOL I like him. He's funny!

  10. I don't see no Merlin. I hear voices in my head, but I don't see no -- shut up! -- I don't see him! No, YOU shut up. You do not see him. Anyway, Celti, I -- do you mind?! I'm trying to talk to Celti!

  11. Merlin is cute but somewaht of a pain in arse. Also you can hide him but if you refresh he comes right back. I don't have a solution. I just wanted to add to the bitchfest about merlin. *snicker*

  12. I had no idea. And I like my pop-up blocker.

  13. Huh! I never saw the Merlin - didn't even know he was there!

  14. E-lo - Sorry 'bout that. Aw, poor Merlin. lol

    Jennifer - Cool, thanks!

    Michael - hey! You guys let Michael talk! lol

    Boo - Yeah, I'm trying to make him less of a pain in the arse. It's looking like it involves cookies, so Merlin may be going bye bye.

    Derek - you just go block your popups, then. lol

    Sloth - you know your blocker's doing it's job. :)

  15. lol....He startled me @ 1st......but now he just amuses me....but then....I'm easily amused.

  16. Merlin has a death wish... LOL he is kinda cute though! (the first time)

    Hey sweetie, I sent you a letter to your gmail address the other day, didja get it? Or no... ?

    If not please email me at biteseven @ to make sure I have the correct email address for you!!! And I'll resend hehe


  17. My pop-up kills it, apparently. I still say you'll need to work with cookies to only have it work "once" like that.

    Now, I'm-a go think about nooners and offices with easily covered windows.

  18. kill it! kill it! it's REALLY ANNOYING!


  19. Mike - He amused me at first, but it was annoying how he kept popping up. Couldn't make him quit it without cookies, and I'm not going there.

    Se7en - Hey, sweetie! How's AZ? I got your e-mail, but haven't had time to respond. See today's post. lol Your offer kicks ass. :)

    Archmage - hey stranger! Yeah, I don't want to mess with cookies, so Merlin's toast. Hope you had nice daydreams! lol

    ESC - your wish has been carried out, m'dear. lol