September 29, 2005

May I Borrow $.02, Please?

Ok peeps...I'm gonna do it. Yes, ink. I'm going to get a tattoo. I realize that what I choose is permanent - it will be there until my dying day, so this is important. I've posted before about what the celtic cross means to me, so that is what I have chosen. Now, the hard part - what design?

This is where you come in. I have chosen several images and would like you to give me your opinion on which one you think I should get. Keep in mind that, no matter which design, it will be one with 4 equally sized sides - that's important to me.

Another important decision is location. I have decided to get the tattoo just above my solar plexus. I want it to be easy to hide, even if in a swimsuit, but also easy to show if I want to. This way, if I show someone my tattoo, they'll also get to see my cleavage (bonus! lol).

For colors (if color is involved) I have chosen green. Green is perfect for this spot because it is good for soothing the emotions and it resonates with the color of that point (the heart). It can help bring that point to balance, which is often not the case for me.

Sooo...what do you think?

As of right now, my faves are 1, 2, 6, 15 & 16.


Oh yeah! It's HNT - half nekkid Thursday! How about a little neck? lol
Going along with today's post, here is an experiment - a temporary tatt. It landed about 4" higher than where I think I'll put it. Happy HNT!


  1. Let me guess... you're getting a tatoo and you want us to pick which one you should get. It all depends where it's going to go ;)

  2. I like #2, but it should be perhaps inverted colorwise, for a tattoo. Not too many colors, either.

    Just my opinion if your getting a tattoo! I'm full of em, but it's YOUR body!

  3. Jamie's not full of tatoos. I've checked ;)

  4. Denny - damn, you're good. lol
    Post updated now so you have the rest of the scoop.

    Jamie - I like that one, too. thanks!

    Pup - wrong Jamie, silly. :)

  5. I like #1 the best. It's symmetrical, it's round, it's simple. Heck, it'll look like a third nipple, but a little more ornate! 'Sides, it also doesn't have a lot of fill which will be good for where you're puttin' it. Just thinkin' of the pain factor for ya, doll!

  6. Where is your naked, err I mean Half Nekkid pic???

  7. I like 16, but I LOVE 17. Is it going to be big? Or nice and tiny?

    Good luck brave girl!

  8. I love two, but damn is that going to hurt to have it there. (It hurts worse to get one on bone than muscle or fat - I learned this getting my ankle tattooed.)

    But I love the reasoning for putting it there. When I am feeling most grounded and in touch with everything around me, talking to the L&L, I can tell because of a tingling in the solar plexus chakra. Nice. :)

  9. number one is nice: simple, yet bold.

  10. Damn, too many choices. However, number 2 hit me. I'm a gut feel kind of guy. If something strikes me, it will right away. And that one speaks to me. Don't know what it says, but it speaks.

    BTW, I assume the Half Nekkid picture with the X is you? Of course it is. That's exactly what I thought you looked like.

  11. I love it...very nice HNT pic.

  12. PS...did you know that Steve has been posting again. He's a slutty as ever. ;)

  13. 4 or 11 are my faves, but when it comes right down to it, it's your ink and your body. Do we get to see the one you choose or will it forever be a mystery to haunt us to our graves?

  14. I've got three myself.
    It definitely depends on how big it's going to be. I'd say if it's going to be under three inches in diameter, you should go for a simpler design because it'll look too messy. You make more complicated designs look better on bigger tattoos.
    I'm guessing it's going to be on the smaller side, so I'd choose something like #9, 16 or 17 myself.
    So, ummmm, how are you going to manage not exposing yourself during the actual tattooing?
    And it's going to be easy to show people? Can't wait to see the photo when it's done, that will be a nice HNT!

  15. I've got four, and I learned after my first: go big. My personal style is to never get anything smaller than my hand tattooed on me: it gives the artist more room to breathe, and makes sure that viewers can see it without getting too close.

    I love the celtic tattoo that takes up all of my left calf, and hope that you enjoy yours!

  16. Well, I was torn between 2 and 6, but 2 seems kinda masculine (don't ask me just doesn't feel right), but then after looking at your faves, #16 looked like it had potential, too.

    So it's between #2 and #16 for my vote--leaning towards #2 still, but it's not my skin that's being inked. Narrow down your list and go with your gut (or solar plexus, as it were) reaction. Your heart will let you know which one is right.

    Hope all goes well, and with as little pain as possible. :)

  17. Hey girl! So are you going to the tattoo convention this Saturday?

    I really dig #16. And with green, it will be awesome.

    I have five tats of my own. I'm really glad to know you've put a lot of thought into this decision.

    Go YOU!

  18. I like #2 best - 1 and 17 are cool too, i prefer the symmetrical ones with less emphasis on the cross.
    Don't get it too small - it'll become a fuzzy blob in a few years if you do.

    Whichever you choose, looking forward to seeing pics afterwards - LOL!

  19. 2, 5, and 17. Whichever, where ever, PHOTO!!!

  20. I'd go with 2 & 17 - but I'm sure any would look great! :)

  21. My vote is for #2, definately.

    Oooo...if my lazy ass brother gets his ass in gear, I might be getting one over christmas!

  22. No, I'm not full of tattoo's! I'm full of opinions!

  23. I'm not a tattoo fan...but 2 and 15 are the ones I like best.....for what it's

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