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January 27, 2005

Blahbitty Blah

I have nothing of any substance to post today...again, as is too often lately, my mind is a big jumble of thoughts.

I was going to post today to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz - the worst of the Nazi concentration/death camps. There was a journal entry I read not too long ago on Robert Fulghum's website. He is one of my favorite authors, and his journal entries are little little bonus treats. This particular entry was about his visit to Dachau (another of the camps) when he took his daughter to visit there. He talked extensively about the barbed wire fence, and strip of grass that separated it from the gravel that those poor souls lived on. It was a beautiful, touching view of the suffering that the people who lived and died in those camps went through. I was going to post it here, but was saddened to discover that the archives of his journal are not accessible. I lost the story by not copying it down. I sent the link to Pup at the time - I'd be he remembers it.

It's been a very emotionally taxing last 2 weeks. I have not been feeling well. Stress, worrying and heartache have been dominating my mind and, frankly, it is starting to annoy me.

Tomorrow, I have to go have another mammogram. 6 months ago, they found something in the films that they didn't like the looks of, so tomorrow is a recheck. I am nervous, to say the least. It was a horrible day yesterday, and I came home to ask Chris to help by leaving me be and I curled up in my chair with a blanket - I just couldn't get warm.

I always forget that I am not allowed to be sick. See, that means Chris would have to do some extra things, like help with dinner and with Derrick. He had friends over, so I guess he was too busy, bellowing at me because Derrick was bothering them. I ended up handling the entire load, exhausted and collapsing into bed after winding down from my shower long after he and Derrick had gone to bed. Poo poo heads.

My company's annual meeting was today, followed by a big awards dinner. I really didn't want to go. I'm not a revenue generator, so I wasn't expecting any awards but I got a President's Club Achievement award! Woo hoo for me! I guess hard work does pay off in this company. I also got the satisfaction of seeing my work in action - the power point presentation that I was obliged to prepare after the information was given to me yesterday at noon. Just a few hours to prepare it, and I have to say it looks pretty damn good. Now I have this pretty plaque to hang in my office and my wall won't look so nekkid any more.

Derek - I haven't forgotten about you. Just wanted to let you know I will get to it.

Today is Chris' one week anniversary of sobriety. I can't help but wonder, though, if he really hasn't drank anything. One of his friends brought beer last night, and I nearly brained him when I saw it. I don't think Chris drank any, but he gets off work much earlier than I do so they could be hanging in the bar for an hour after work. Who knows. I guess I just have to trust...

Derrick has a classmate at pre-school that has been picking on him - Killian. D came home from school yesterday with horrible scratch marks and wounds on his arm. He told me Killian did it. No note from his teacher, no mention of it. I have already talked to the director once about this and I think I'm going to need to do it again. He said Killian got time out. He digs his nails into my child again and I'll show that little bugger time out. That kid is a monster - the teacher said he picks on everyone. What does it take for a 4 year old to be expelled from pre-school? LOL

On my way back to work from lunch, I had something really wierd happen. I was in the right lane, preparing to turn right and there was a car in the lane next to me. As I slowed, the car did, too. I thought they were turning left. They didn't. They didn't go straight either. The car simply vanished. I scanned for it and it was simply gone. hmmm.

So, tomorrow I start the day with a clean slate. I got pretty much all of my work done today which is fantastic and rare. I'm sure more will come sauntering through the door tomorrow, but it's nice to not have to worry about any of it while I get my bits smashed in the morning. Oh, yeah...ew.

Hmmm...tomorrow is short attention span Friday! Woo hoo...it's always fun to see what's out there that I can take a poke or two at. *grin*


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