January 13, 2005

What Kind of Place Do You Think This IS?

Searches in the last few days that have brought the seeker (no, not that seeker) to my blog:

"c" - what is this? Who would search for just one letter? WHAT, exactly, are they looking for?

"fa" - this is a brand of soap that's popular in France. I like it, but I don't think I've ever talked about it here. They make awesome shower gels. Again, what are they really looking for?

"amazing contortionist" - I am a limber person, but a contortionist I am not. I talked quite a while back about Danny Boy the contortionist. That must be the link...

"blonde buttsex" - uhhhh...this is not the place you are looking for, folks. No buttsex here. I have no idea why it got them here unless it has to do with the "tucker tries buttsex" blog entry I linked to long ago. After paging through to page 26, I still didn't find my link. This person really must have been digging. ewwwww

"wierdest nude ladies" - bwaaaaahahaha! Again - no clue why it brought them to me, but welcome! LOL I am wierd, I am a lady, but I have never been seen here nude. I might be known to flaunt some cleavage from time to time, but an exhibitionist I am not. Maybe after another 50 pounds...

My appreciation goes to those who offered kind words when I was down in the dumps yesterday. It angers me that I give one individual enough power to bring me down like that. I'm to the point where I'm ready to say "screw you" next time that happens, as I no longer wish to give him the right to drag me down like that. *stomps foot*

It's another short attention span day, folks. I can't concentrate much on anything but this weekend - the big KC gathering is finally upon us. Aimee arrives at 6:00 tonight and in the morning we head out. It's supposed to be sunny and cold, so the roads should be good. I have a list about 3 miles long of stuff to do...clean out the car, vacuum, finish packing, get my oil changed, make crab dip... I'm at work but leaving at noon. Yipee!

We will try to post about our gathering some time this weekend. It will most likely be on Pup's computer, so check his blog out. I'll try to copy and post whatever here. We'll have digi cams, so maybe even a pic of our most likely drunk group. So, 24 hours from now Aimee and I will be on our way to meet Pup, Kate the Peon, Inanna, Evil Science Chick, & Jamie. Don't worry - we promise not to hurt Pup...unless he likes it that way, of course. Bwaaaaahahaha!

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