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January 18, 2005


Wasn't able to post yesterday as work was keeping me WAY too busy...that's what I get for taking a couple of days off. hmmmph. I was on for a while yesterday, but, honestly, I was having too much fun reading others' blogs about the trip and looking at the pictures. Oh.my. Don't you fret - pictures are coming.

My weekend started a bit earlier than the group's since Aimee flew into Des Moines on Thursday night. After lots of mutual stressing out over her flight delays, she finally arrived about 3 hours behind schedule to our balmy -2 degree tropical paradise. Derrick went with me to pick her up, and I recognized her immediately when she appeared at the top of the chute the send the passengers down after they disembark. I took her home, fed her a big fat ribeye steak and we proceeded to chit chat and giggle way too long into the morning hours.

So, we got up a few hours later & scooted D off to daycare, packed up the car and headed out at 9am for KC. SO EXCITED! We had to pick Inanna and Evil Science Chick up at the KC airport and we arrived with perfect timing about 10 minutes before Nanner's plane landed. We scooped her up, then scooped up Bunsen (ESC) at the next terminal. We then headed for central KC, realizing as I drove that I had no idea where I was going. On the phone went Aimee, my navigator. Soon, we arrived at the hotel to find Jamie waiting for us in the lobby.

Ok...I had better trim the details or this is going to be a novel. There is just SO much to tell. *sigh*

We started out by walking (who's idea was that? It was 5 degrees!) a few blocks to find some lunch. We had a giggling & snorting lunch at Tom Fooleries (hee hee) and then trapsed back to the hotel where we met Pup and Katie. We hung out in the hotel room for the afternoon, munching, drinking and getting to know each other. What a fun group! I knew right away that this weekend was going to be a blast.

I'll continue later with more stories about our adventures. While they are fresh, however, I'll go with the impressions for now...

In Order of Appearance
Aimee - Aimee was exactly as I expected. I think the only thing that surprised me was that her hair was shorter (she didn't tell me she had cut it) and she has freckles which don't show in the pics I've seen. She is adorable. Aimee and I knew each other quite well before this, so her personality wasn't a surprise at all. I already knew that I adored her. Caring, considerate and philosophical, she has a wild streak that makes her so much fun. I was so sad when it came time for her to go home because I would love to hang out with her every day.

Inanna - Nanner is a little hottie. She seems to bounce along everywhere she goes. She was actually a little taller than I expected for some reason - I had envisioned her as tiny. I also expected her to be super skinny but she's quite curvy. va va voom! She is very observant of others and is not afraid to voice her opinion. She seems very confident with who she is. What a cool chick. I knew I would love her.

Bunsen/ESC/Bondage Chicken - Yep, gonna say it like the others. Bunsen is tall! She says she's 5'7" but I don't buy it - she's more like 5'10" I would say. We should have measured her (LOL). Bun surprised me because she is SO PRETTY! I had seen a few pics, but they don't do her justice, folks. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Very intelligent, considerate, observant and somewhat quiet, she can throw you into fits of laughter when she does talk. What a hoot! No wonder Kevin is so nuts about her. She is just adorable.

Jamie - Jamie was also taller than I expected. I guess I thought she was tiny too. She is extremely cute and her curly hair rocks. She was very positive, bubbly, full of youth and easy to get along with. This girl can par-tay. What a sweetheart. I wish I could have spent a little more face time with her to get to know her better.

Katey - Katey was probably my biggest surprise. I had never seen a pic of her, so had no idea what to expect physically. She is very cute! Very pretty eyes and brown hair and such a nice smile! Don't let her fool you with her rantings and ravings, she is sweet as sugar, very considerate and caring. I regret that I didn't get much of an opportunity to talk with her but my impression was that she is super-nice and lots of fun.

Pup - This brat is da bomb. Although I knew Pup pretty well beforehand, he was more handsome than I expected and bigger in stature. He, too, is one of those people for whom pictures just don't do justice. He was a little quieter than I expected at first, but I think he, like several of us, was just sizing things up. Man, this dude can cook... and drink... and I'll just say that a ride in his front seat while rocking out to Nine Inch Nails was a blast. I didn't have a problem with his driving, though I did detect a distint circular pattern in our routes (tee hee). We had fun shopping together at the toy store, but we were a bit disappointed in the selection (*wink*). I found him to be smart, generous, considerate and fun to be around. He was sporting a big cheezy grin all weekend with all the attention from the ladies and had to drag us to his favorite sports bar to show his friends that he really wasn't making shit up. LOL

I would love to spend another weekend with these peolpe and they exceeded my expectations. I was ready to get home, but now I'm ready to do it all over again this weekend!


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