January 31, 2005

The Bad News

My boss came in this morning and had a little “chat” with me about my personal internet use and time spent on IM here at work. He basically said that I can’t be on-line for any personal use and absolutely no IM, so that sucks more than anything has ever sucked before. I’m going to have to lay low, at least for a while.

Seems that our IT manager has been trying to see what I’ve been doing on-line and can’t find anything. He’s a bit frustrated. I know enough about how this shit works to cover my damn tracks. I am not ignorant enough to leave a trail and that frustrates him. Poor baby.

However, I will say that my job satisfaction level just fell about 75%. It really pisses me off because I do NOT put this kind of thing ahead of my work duties. My work is always up to date, caught up, high quality. They have no complaints. I know this because I just had a glowing review last week. What does it hurt to let a person play if their work is all done and the quality is excellent? I guess I’ll have to sit here and do my nails or something when I’m all caught up. Yeah, that is real productive. Let’s go ahead and increase my frustration level to about 75% more than before, shall we?

If the quality of my work were suffering or if I weren’t getting things done, I would understand. This is not the case.

Perhaps I should start surfing the job listings and not cover my tracks…

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