January 10, 2005


Listening to: Rodeo Clowns - Jack Johnson

This is going to be a really long week. Damn. This Thursday my bestest buddy Aimee is flying in to Des Moines. I'll pick her up at the airport for the next 3 whirlwind days of fun that lay ahead. I am so ready for this little get-away. SO ready.

It was a good weekend. Got a lot of house cleaning and laundry done and things were peaceful for the most part. We still have lots of snow on the ground, so we made the biggest damn snowman I've ever seen yesterday. He was about 6'5" and his base was massive. The conditions were perfect for snowmen - and snowballs. heh heh...I said balls. Oh shit, my dirty mind is going to get me in trouble.

Saturday I did a little touch-up on my hair. It turned out a lot more strawberry than I wanted. Oh well. I guess it looks ok. I certainly do look Irish. LOL

I am so frustrated by this freakin' thing I'm trying to print at work. It's a big banner - 6' long, 24" wide, 370MB so it's LARGE. It won't print right! I've tried photoshop, publisher and now I'm trying illustrator. The damned thing keeps printing sideways. What I don't get is that, at an even larger size it printed fine. Now I've made it smaller and the damned thing won't cooperate. I've now tried so many different combinations of dimensions, landscape vs. portrait...it just won't work. ...and with a 5-10 minute load time and 20 minute rip time, that's a lot of time wasted. My boss is sweating me for it. I'm about ready to take the damn printer out the front door and throw it in the river. I might just consider jumping in after it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh!

I'm stressing and it's making my stomach hurt. Blargh.

Have I mentioned yet that I think Jack Johnson is brilliant? Where has the world been hiding this man? ...or have I just been under my rock too much? Probably the latter. I recently discovered him and I love his music. You should check it out. He does a lot of fun stuff with Ben Harper. And, he's mighty good looking! Certainly can't hurt - tee hee. He's just so smoooooth. Soothe my savage beast, Jack...

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