January 07, 2005

Short Attention Span Friday

Zip It!
What is the deal with these pants? The pants I have on today are backwards - no, the zipper is not in the back, they are reversed so that the flap over the zipper goes to the left instead of the right. I have to zip them up using my left hand, which is apparently retarded. I really thought that I was fairly dexterous with both hands, but I have a hell of a time zipping them with my left. If I try to use the right, it gets caught up and it just doesn't work. They're loose enough, maybe I'll try to just slide them down and not unzip them next time. Hey! Cut that out! I'm talking about going to the restroom!

Ditch It!
There are several of my beloved blogger friends who have decided to hang up their blogger hats here lately. You'll find them on my sidebar under "bloggers who have left the building." I keep them there so that I can check every once in a while to be sure that they haven't changed their mind (sad but true). Although, I might have to move Count Chocolat back up since her's may have been a false alarm (yay!).

Dastard, on the other hand, seems to have simply fallen off the face of the earth. Sure, I hook him up with this big, fancy birthday tribute and pull all of these others into it and then he ditches us all like so much bad fruitcake. Pffft! People, if you are going to quit blogging, common courtesy would dictate that you should actually say so on your blog so that people are not envisioning you being run over by a bus or something.

Flaunt It!
My sister-in-law started the South Beach diet a few months before me. She has lost a bunch of weight, and was sweet enough to pass along some of her clothes to me that she can no longer wear. They fit very nicely and are awesome! YAY! New wardrobe for Celti and FREE! Toni Jo ROCKS! I'm wearing one of my new shirts today and feeling mighty special. YAY!

Rub It!
...my worry rock, that is. I'm thinking and worrying a lot about Big Jay today. His lady, Jasmine, who is pregnant with twins, has been bleeding and cramping and they think she may have miscarried. They had an ultra-sound scheduled for this morning to see if they're still alive and still there. We, in blogland, are all waiting to hear the news. UPDATE - the twins are reported to be just fine! Excellent news. That, or as rumor has it, the entire thing is one big made up story. Could go either way.

Plow It!
Well, they finally plowed my damn road. It's about time! I was beginning to think that they had taken a few days off before finishing the job.

Dig It!
My phone, when dialing in speaker mode, makes these noises each time you push a number. It's kind of a poinking, plunk type noise. I love it! It's just one of those fun little sounds that amuses me when I hear it. Yeah, I'm wierd. So what? If you've been here long, you already knew that!

Have a wonderful weekend, peeps!

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