January 21, 2005

Closer to Fine

*scroll down for KC pictures galore*

I was so absolutely wiped out last night that I didn't even stay up to watch CSI. Now, that's serious. CSI is my show and I generally don't miss it. I went to bed immediately after putting Derrick to bed. It's amazing how emotional strife can exhaust the physical body. I slept like a rock, and feel somewhat stone-like this morning. Maybe it's more like stoned - kind of in a haze.

I'm doing considerably better today (compared to yesterday, anyway). There is a glimmer of light peaking through and with the support of many wonderful people who gave me a hand up, I'll be ok. *huge cyber hugs to you* You know who you are! *wink*

Chris hasn't gone to AA yet...hasn't nailed down which meeting he will go to. Unfortunately, his buddy no longer goes to the meetings regularly (only when he feels he needs to), so Chris will have to go on his own or I will go with him. It's up to him.

He didn't drink a drop last night, which is big in itself. He normally drinks every night. When I went home for lunch yesterday, I took all of the alcohol and hid it. Hid it well. If he brings any into the house, I will throw it right out the back door and into the snow. He'll be lucky if he doesn't go with it. I'll be looking into al-anon for me to learn how to deal with all of this.

On a Lighter Note
I have some KC pictures to share with you! Woot!

That Crazy Pup...

Couldn't keep his hands off of our goodies.

Not sure what I was saying here

...but Aimee apparently found it VERY funny! LOL

Here are the onion rings we had at the BBQ place

Biggest damn O-rings I've ever seen. They were yummy!

Jamie REALLY enjoyed the ribs. Mmmmmmm...long meat. LOL

I suck at Jenga & this is that wacked out wierd shaped Jenga.

Especially after a few shots.

Butt wiggles...

...& giggles

the Knitting Nazi

She can talk and knit at the same time! You can see our lovely suite a little better in this shot.

KtP and Bun

Feelin' the love

Bustin' out the beads

The Chef in Action

Dat's a one spicy meatball!

Nanner giving a reading

Next time, perhaps...girl on bear action?!!

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