January 05, 2005


There were two stories in the news this morning that really made me stop and ponder.

One was about the fact that Arab media sources are reportedly trying to blame the South Asia tsunami disaster on the United States and Isreal! WTF? They are saying that it was caused by American/Israeli nuclear testing. I can't believe the amount of seething hatred that they must have in their hearts to come up with shit like this. I am simply stunned.

The other one was about this crackhead woman who has 7 children (who have been taken away from her), 3 of which tested positive for cocaine when they were born. A judge has ordered her to stop having children until she proves that she can care for the ones that she already has, and now a big controversy is brewing. I really agree with the judge completely on this one. There is no way this woman should be allowed to have another child. I think that women like this should be given those birth control shots so that they cannot conceive - not just ordered not to get pregnant. She is obviously to ignorant, irresponsible or both to use birth control. I would like to know what the consequences will be if she does have another child and what is being done to help her prevent bringing another crack baby into this world.

This brings to mind some of the questions that go unanswered - life's mysteries that I ponder way to often...

Why is it that we have to get a license to own a dog, but any idiot can have a child?

Why is it that, even though I never twist the handset around (or even stand up while talking on it, for that matter) when on the phone, my phone cord gets all twisted up beyond belief?

Why do my cat and my dog insist on accompanying me to the bathroom when I go?

Why do people, at the last minute, veer off into the right lane to wait out the stop light so that I can't turn right on red?

What is up with those shoes you see laying in the street? This one really bothers me. I have noticed, time after time, that I will often see one single shoe laying in the road. Where do they come from? Where is the other shoe? And the biggest question is - WHY IS IT THERE? Didn't this person realize that they just lost a shoe? Why didn't they go back and get it? Did someone get hit by a car and whoever took them away forgot their shoe? How in the world did they lose it - were they riding along with one foot hanging out of the window???

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