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March 25, 2005

another edition of...Short Attention Span Friday!

Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to whomever is finding my blog by searching for "celtic cleavage" on google. LOL

Mocha Goodness
Starbucks rocks! I have missed my morning mochas, so I stopped in to Starbuck's this morning with the extra 20 minutes I had (derned silly kid getting up at the crack o dawn) and discovered that they now have MOCHA LIGHT FRAPPUCCINO sweetened with Splenda! HOORAY! Very few carbs and it was yuuuuumy! Starbucks, you made my day!

Goochie Goo!
Speaking of low carbs - Martha Gooch has come out with a new, low carb pasta. I tried it last night and it was wonderful. I made a fabulous, mushroom & tuna stuffed cheesy casserole and it was awesome. You know how long it's been since I had pasta? Damn, it was good! Only 1/2 the carbs of regular pasta. ...and even my picky little wee one liked it! Martha, I think I love you.

Electra Spectra
I just have to share this. Yeah, we all know that Carmen Electra is a hot tamale, but I had no idea that she had talent, too! That girl can dance. Ouch!

Speaking of Hot

It was announced today that Angelina Jolie has been voted "sexiest woman in the world" in a poll done by FHM magazine. Well, duh!?!!! Not only is she stunning, she is intelligent, outspoken, passionate in her beliefs and well-respected the world over for her tireless efforts on behalf of the world's refugee children. Britney Spears, who was number one last year, didn't even make the top 100 this year. *snicker*

Here is a fun game for you...be nice to Sanjeev and get Pringles! It really is quite fun and amusing. C'mon, give ole Sanjeev something to do - he's bored!

It's Peep Time!

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