March 04, 2005

Short Attention Span Friday

Ahhhhh....Friday. My second favorite day of the week (Sat. being tops).

Let's talk about CLEAVAGE, shall we? You know...boobages. They're on my mind. Yep. I said it, now let's get to it..

I have a lovely bra on today. I bought it a year or so ago, much too small at the time but it was so damned pretty I just had to have it. So, now that I've dropped several sizes, I was excited to discover it, when digging trough the lingerie drawer this morning, and absolutly giddy upon discovering that it now fits! Woot! It squishes them together just right and talk about support! Wow...everything is really front and center here. I would love to share a picture of it with you, but, you know, it's really difficult to take a picture of your own cleavage! Maybe I'll give our big old 1200DPI color scanner a nice hug later on and see what prints out. hee hee

Now, cleavage is a GOOD thing...usually. But it can be underdone or overdone. Paula Abdul, above, has overdone it a bit. Ouch! That looks like it hurts! Does anyone actually find this attractive? Well, maybe...

Lil' Kim here, on the other hand, is just wrong. The ginormous cavern between her boobs is just not that interesting. Honey, we all know that they naturally fall to the side like that, but give them a little support, eh? They are not perky enough to get away with that. Again, I ask - is this attractive?

All right, being short attention span day I think I've focused on this subject long enough.

So, Martha Stewart has been released from prison. Call the National Guard! Really, who fucking cares? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I'm sure she'll pick right back up where she left off and we'll all live more special and tidy lives as a result. *wretch*

The Grudge
I finished watching The Grudge last night. Wow...what a freaky movie. That hairy monster was just down right creepy. It reminded me a lot of "the ring" but I must say that I was a bit frustrated in the first 2/3 by what seemed to be a complete lack of a plot line. Thank heaven's the put it all together before it was over. Buffy is good at looking scared. So The Grudge went back to Blockbuster and I brought home Saw. This one should be good. I just love those "dive under the blanket and peek out from underneath" type movies.

A Storm's a Brewin'
I am starting to detect the faint aroma of Spring...and with that comes THUNDERSTORMS! Yipee! I love them. Can't wait until we get our first big boomer of the season. I can smell them when they're coming, even before I see the thunderheads. I'm getting excited just talking about it. The radar is ready - bring it on!

Just go here. I will never think about panties the same way again.

This is just amusing. Totally amusing in a "you'll have this shit stuck in your head all day long" kinda way.

Could it BE? DJ Puppenstein revealed on the internet for all to see?

Yeah, I worry about my sanity some times. But as long as she isn't suffering...


  1. ARghhh... too confused as to which comments to use!

    I sure love me some boobages. Mmmm... boobages.

    Saw's pretty good.

    Oh, we had a thunderstorm here last night!! It didn't last very long, but it was still good.

  2. You have got to see this
    (not safe for work, needs speakers)

    May this be the Breast, I mean best month ever!
    Cheers to the push and squish support group for the twins!
    Lois Lane

  3. To each their own but Paula, grrrrl... that looks painful!

    PO-TA-TOES!! Hilarious!!