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March 08, 2005

Snarling at the Mirror & Dreaming

Don't you just hate it when you want something and it's something that you know you should not want but you want it anyway? You know it would be a bad thing for you and that you should steer clear, but you want it so badly that it keeps picking and picking at your brain. Then someone reminds you, driving it in like a nail, like you didn't already know, that you can't have it because it would be bad and that just makes you want to lose your fucking mind? Yeah. That sucks.

So...ENOUGH about that.

I think I need a vacation. No, I know I need a vacation. Indeed.

So, who thinks I'm insane? I have a huge crush on Donovan Patton. I realize that most of you do not know who this is. He and I have a hot date every saturday morning. I can see past the goofy smile and the pancake makeup, looking past the cartoonish element to see that he is smoking hot. He's the guy who plays Joe on Blue's Clues. Ok...there. I've confessed.

Here's proof:

See what I mean?

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