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March 28, 2005

It's Friday, Right?

Right? Please?

I got ripped off.

Friday, I felt like crap. I had that little tickle going on down deep in the lungs and that "sick" taste when I'd cough. Oh, great...here it comes. In a futile attempt to ward off the bug, I popped several vitamin C and a multivitamin and went to bed early Friday night.

My efforts wasted, I woke up Saturday morning feeling like shit with a nasty, deep, racking cough. I couldn't let my little man down, though, and managed to drag my sorry butt out of the house to take him to an Easter egg hunt. Thankfully, it was quick. Upon returning home, I went down hill fast. I crashed & spent most of the day sleeping, The only "constructive" thing I did was go shopping for D's Easter basket, and that was excruciating.

Sunday morning around 10:30, I started feeling human again. Went for the family Easter dinner and ate too much, then felt like poo poo again. It was a gorgeous day, and D had a great time playing outside.

So, I feel like I missed my whole damn weekend. Am I salty about it? Damn straight! I think I should be able to officially deem today Friday so that I can have my weekend, dernit. Oh, well...

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