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March 18, 2005

Short Attention Span Friday

Deep Breaths…Deep Breaths
Fucking Blogger! I had this post all done, ready to go, clicked publish and I get some damned socket server bullshit error. GAH! It ate my post! Now, I'm redoing the damn thing in WORD. *mumbling more explicatives under breath*

So, did you all survive the St. Paddy's Day debauchery? I went home, made tacos for dinner, got the kid bathed & ready for bed and settled in to watch CSI only to discover that IT WAS CANCELLED DUE TO THE FREAKIN' BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS! Why does this always surprise me? It happens every year, but it never fails to PISS ME OFF. How dare they? Anyway, I watched the Apprentice, which was mildly interesting, and then went to bed. Woo hoo, what a party. pfffft! LOL

Coke with Lime - Ewwwww. I haven't tried it, not being much of a soda drinker, but it just sounds GROSS! Have any of you tried it? What's really irking me about it is those damn commercials I keep hearing on the radio - specifically the one that has the 'fridge singing that song when the open it to get a Coke with Lime. Now, their marketing is working - I get that freakin' "put the lime in the coconut" song stuck in my head and it's maddening. It is NOT, however, compelling me to want to try this concoction. I just think the whole thing is a bad idea. Coke has been successful for eons - why do they keep screwing around with it?

Today, doctors are scheduled to remove the feeding tube that has been keeping Terri Schiavo alive. This is a difficult, and heart-breaking case. I've watched the videos at her site Terrisfight.org and she is obviously not a vegetable. She is severely brain damaged, no doubt, but not in a vegetative state. It breaks my heart to think that, over the next couple of weeks, her parents will be forced to sit by her side as she starves to death needlessly. I don't understand why her husband just won't divorce her, break his ties (which is obviously what he wants) so he can move on with his life and let her parents take care of her!?

I go out to my car last night, ready to head home when I am greeted by WHAT inside my car? A MOSQUITO! Arrrrrgh! They’re out already? Oh, that sucks. That little bugger died, but I know he’s got a million cousins out there ready to strike. There are few things I hate more in this world than those little flying vampires They creep me out to no end - the thought that they suck blood out of the nearest rabid animal, transient, who-knows-what infected individuals and then come around to spear me with the same needle-snout?! Oh, no...no no no. Oh, and they LOVE me, too. They'd pick me up and carry me away if they could. I am reminded every summer of the fact that I want, badly, to move away to somewhere that doesn’t have mosquitoes. Suggestions?

I was amused to find an article in the news today about legislation to ban erectile dysfunction ads from prime time TV. Bravo! I’m so sick of seeing these ads. If it’s a problem, talk to your doctor but do we really need to advertise? I really don’t appreciate the mental image of an old man with a 4 hour boner being planted in my brain 5 times or more per hour. That, with all of the herpes medication commercials and feminine hygiene products, is enough to drive consumers AWAY, marketing people! Marketing schmarketing.

In that same article, they make mention of the fact that medicare will soon be paying for erectile dysfunction medications. What? Now, consider the fact that most people on Medicare are of advanced age and beyond their reproductive years. Sure, they deserve to have their fun just like the rest of us, but is it medically necessary? Should medicare be paying for Grandpa to be able to get a stiffy when he likes? Oy!

You Think You’re Having a Bad Day?
Check these out:

(I told that idiot not to park there!)

(Oh, what a pain in the ass!)

(oh, deer...)

(this is why we don't drink and drive boats)

("Now honey, are you still mad because I bought such a big boat?")
Just remember, it could be much worse. Be safe out there, friends and neighbors!

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