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March 07, 2005

Finally Got My Thunderstorm

We had a thunderstorm last night. It was too short, but it was lovely. It came in from the West, so I stood on my porch and watched it come in, the lightening illuminating the clouds like fire flies at first. It became more and more intense as it approached, and I could feel the electricity. Thunderstorms release something in me - they have an almost healing effect. This little baby didn't produce a lot of rain, but she shook the windows several times and the wind whipped the leaves into swirling mini-tornados. It was very good.

I watched the movie Saw this weekend. That is a twisted freaking movie. I don't like how they left it though...you don't really know what happens to the main characters and it left me without a sense of closure. I'd bet there's going to be a sequel. How interesting it would be to take a peek into the psyche of the individual that wrote that story...

I had a very productive weekend - tons of laundry done, kitchen and computer room cleaned, and garden trimmed up and prepared for Spring. I almost bought some bulbs and seeds, but decided that I was jumping the gun a bit. It's hard to not be convinced that Spring is here when it's 65 degrees outside! It could still snow/frost, so I must wait to get my fingers in the dirt. tick tock


At March 07, 2005 10:37 am, Blogger just me said...

You lucky gal, you! I love thunder and lightening! Glad you had a good weekend. Talk to ya soonly!

At March 07, 2005 12:51 pm, Blogger Michael said...

Hi Celti. We've had tons of rain, no thunderstorms, though. Wet, no lightning. Kinda like my lovelife (wha?) But I had a productive wkend, too... feels good, no?

At March 07, 2005 7:59 pm, Blogger Jamie said...

I would soooo love a good thunderstorm. It's always exciting to me to watch nature work it's magic.


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