March 03, 2005

Pardon Me While I Burst...

Ok folks, it’s been too happy and fluffy around here lately, Celti needs to rant.

#1 – A few days ago, in my fine home town, miss Taneeka Patrick, 24, set herself and her house on fire. It seems that Miss Patrick thought it would be a good idea to clean her face with RUBBING ALCOHOL while SMOKING a cigarette (or at least they say it was a cigarette)! Lo and behold, the cigarette ignited the alcohol. Gee, who would have imagined that alcohol could be flammable? So, she suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns and charred her house pretty good due to her idiocy. Personally, I think she was smoking or cooking crack and it went wrong (read ahead for reasoning behind that theory).

I read in the news today that someone has set up a relief fund for this woman. Maybe I’m a jerk, but WHY? She’s an idiot and it’s her own fault, and if she didn’t have insurance shame on her. If I got drunk and fell of my porch breaking my neck, no one would be setting up a damn relief fund for me! Maybe I’m a bit biased by the fact that this appears to be the sister of the crack-head that attacked and nearly killed my mother-in-law in a robbery attempt a few years ago. Yeah, this family is a boon to society. Excuse me for a moment while I go barf.

#2 – Two sisters, aged 17 and 16, started a fight outside one of our local high schools after the rival team (host of the game) beat their team in a basketball game. The fight quickly escalated into a brawl, involving nearly 100 students, security personnel and police officers. The Ward sisters, during this brawl, ganged up on a female police officer, beating her to the point of blacking both eyes and breaking her nose badly enough to require surgery. Yesterday, the sisters pleaded guilty as adults to the felony assault charges.

The thing that bothers me most about this is the LEGAL DEFENSE FUND that was set up by a local advocacy group. WHAT? The president of this group said in a statement that the community failed, but not the schools, law enforcement nor prosecutors. He maintains that the community has not protected the children and this is the type of outcome that is the result of failing to be a more unified and youth-centered community. Excuse me, but BULLSHIT! I believe that the problem is in the way these girls were raised and setting up this fund will only make them worse! I think that they should be held fully responsible legally and financially for the results of their actions. Setting up funds such as this one and the one for the crackheadburn victim mentioned above teach people that they will NOT have to be responsible for their own actions and that, if they fuck up, someone will come bail them out. GET REAL PEOPLE. If my son were to pull crap like this, his butt would be working to pay off his fines and he would LEARN from his mistake. I would see to it.

#3 – I am MORE than sick of hearing about all of this crap regarding the 10 commandments and references to G-d in and on government buildings. Should we remove them or not? Are we going to deface historical monuments just to make them PC? Are they going to remove the carvings and statues of Confucius, Mohammed, and references to other religions, too? If they're going to remove religious references, let's not be hypocritcal about it now. Yes, I understand the concept behind separation of Church and State and I think that it is a good thing, but let’s get real here. We still have “in God we Trust” on our money! Are they going to change that, too? DO WE NOT HAVE MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES TO ATTEND TO IN OUR GOVERNMENT?

#4 – Just in time for my “blogiversary,” my beloved CommentThis comments have stopped working. WTF? Maybe CommentThis, which is free, has a one year limit. I tried redoing the code in my template, I tried republishing the post…I don’t get it. So, I re-enabled blogger comments (in the bar to the right) for use until I can get stooped CommentThis going again. Now, the CommentThis link on THIS post is working. Why wouldn't it work for the last one? I even deleted the post and re-pasted the text onto a new one and it still won't work. Serves me right for blathering on about how wonderful CommentThis is and how it NEVER goes down. *inserts foot in mouth*. Grumble grumble…


  1. I want to begin our very first save the "comment this" foundation in your honor! Pay Pal anyone? We must save the comments!!! I for one will donate all of my worldly possessions. ;)
    Lois Lane

  2. Celti, I don't know if this is important or not, but many people seem to mention "In God We Trust" on our currency as though it was a cornerstone of the republic. In fact, it only dates back to the mid-50's... the same period when, in our anti-communist fervor, we added "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance. We got along pretty well through our first 170 years without it.

  3. First, congrats on the anniversary! Couldn't say that yesterday due to your comments issue.

    Secondly, I agree with idiots paying their own way. I said that in a post I made yesterday.

    Thirdly, bout the religious stuff ... it should be removed from money. But we do have other issues that should be taken care of first. :)

    That is all.

  4. if you concentrate on the bad you'll just end up being madder.